Trump Silent As Coronavirus Spikes Across Country

As many states see record highs in new coronavirus cases and spikes in hospitalizations, Trump remains silent.

Coronavirus is killing as many as 1,000 Americans a day, but the White House has been silent.

Politico: “It’s been more than a month since the White House halted its daily coronavirus task force briefings. Top officials like infectious disease expert Anthony Fauci have largely disappeared from national television … and are frequently restricted from testifying before Congress.”

Dr. Fauci warned yesterday that “it isn’t over yet.” Many states are experiencing record highs in new coronavirus cases and spikes in hospitalizations.

FAUCI: “It isn’t over yet.”

The Guardian: “Coronavirus: more than a dozen US states see record high of new cases”

Washington Post: “Coronavirus hospitalizations rise sharply in several states following Memorial Day”

Trump’s failure to provide an adequate national testing strategy made it more difficult for states to safely reopen.

Washington Post: “The wide range of approaches across the country comes as the federal government has offered little guidance on the best way to test a broad swath of the population, leaving state public health officials to wrestle on their own with difficult questions about how to measure the spread of the virus and make decisions about reopening their economies.”