Trump Skips Out On Bulk Of U.N. Climate Summit After Miserably Failing To Address Our Burning Planet

Today, at the United Nations General Assembly, Trump decided to stop by the Climate Summit for a mere matter of minutes before departing for another event.

It’s clear that Trump does not take climate change seriously. Here are more than 20 other ways he has failed to address this pressing issue:

  1. Trump does not believe climate change is real and has called it a hoax created by the Chinese.

  2. Trump withdrew the United States from the landmark Paris Climate Accord, and walked away from nearly every other nation on one of the most pressing issues of our time.

  3. More than four dozen former military and intelligence officials rebuked Trump’s plan to bury the government’s own findings that climate change poses a threat to our national security.

  4. Trump has filled the swamp to the brim by stacking his administration with industry allies who look out for corporate interests above all else.

  5. EPA inspections fell to a 10-year low under the Trump administration, while civil penalties against polluters fell to their lowest average level since 1994.

  6. Trump directed his EPA to roll back clean air rules that he said suffocates industry.

  7. The Trump administration has tried to wipe climate change references on government websites from existence.

  8. The White House wants to stop taking the long-term impacts of climate change into account when assessing policies.

  9. The Trump administration rolled back offshore drilling safety regulations that were put in place after 11 people were killed from the worst oil spill in American history.

  10. Trump completed or is in the process of rolling back 85 environmental regulations, which could significantly increase greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to thousands of extra deaths from poor air quality.

  11. The Trump administration’s own analysis of its overhaul of the clean power plan showed it could lead to as many as 1,400 premature deaths annually by 2030.

  12. Trump repeatedly sought to cut funding for the EPA by about a third.

  13. With Trump’s encouragement, the Interior Department set an all-time record for oil and gas lease sales on federal lands in 2018.

  14. Trump repealed a rule to protect waterways from coal mining waste.

  15. A new EPA accounting method that experts described as not scientifically sound would enable the agency to predict fewer premature deaths from air pollution to justify its rollback of a key climate change measure.

  16. Trump’s Bureau of Land Management scrapped its longstanding mission statement of protecting “the health, diversity, and productivity of America’s public lands” for future generations. It now focuses on exploiting public lands for profit.

  17. Year after year, Trump proposed gutting the Great Lakes restoration initiative, which aims to restore wetlands and improve water quality.

  18. Trump proposed eliminating the Conservation Stewardship and Regional Conservation Partnership Programs, which help farmers mitigate risks of natural disasters.

  19. For three years in a row, Trump cut federal funding for Everglades restoration from $200 million to $63 million.

  20. The EPA revoked California’s power to set stricter standards for auto emissions, the nation’s biggest source of greenhouse gas pollution.

  21. Trump’s Interior Department took an aggressive approach to opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil and gas drilling, despite its own analysis finding that it would harm native villages and lead to extinctions.

  22. The Trump administration scrapped Obama-era clean water rules, returning the country to standards put in place in 1986.