Trump Slammed From All Sides For Conspiracy Tweet

Leaders from across the political spectrum are reacting in disgust to the unhinged conspiracy theory that Trump tweeted this morning about a peaceful 75-year-old protestor injured due to aggressive actions by police. Instead of uniting our country and addressing the pain felt by so many Americans, Trump fanned the flames.

Republican senators distanced themselves.

Sen. John Thune: “It’s a serious accusation which should only be made with facts and evidence and I haven’t seen any yet.”

Sen. Lisa Murkowski: “It just makes no sense that we’re fanning the flames right at this time, this is not good.”

Sen. Mitt Romney: “I saw the tweet, it was a shocking thing to say, and I won’t dignify it with any further comment.”

Prominent conservatives condemned it.

Erick Erickson: “Please stop”

Ari Fleischer: “The President’s penchant for trafficking in conspiracy theories is, politically speaking, going to ruin him.  This is reckless.  He doesn’t know when to stop.”

The backlash continued to grow. 

CNN analysis: “Given all of these facts, the level of irresponsibility here on display by Trump is off the charts — even for him.”

Washington Post analysis: “But, again, let’s step back. The president of the United States apparently finds it less believable that the Buffalo police pushed an elderly man to the ground, injuring him, than that a 75-year-old activist deployed sophisticated technology to track police on behalf of a shadowy far-left militant movement and then threw himself on the ground in order to make the police look bad. What do we even do with that?”

By a strong majority, voters reject his effort to divide Americans.

CNN: “The public broadly disapproves of Trump’s handling of race relations (63% disapprove), and 65% say the President’s response to recent protests has been more harmful than helpful.”