Trump Speaks in Cincinnati While Ohioans are Worse Off Under Trump Tax Plan

Donald Trump travels to Cincinnati this afternoon to promote the Republican tax plan. DNC Midwest Regional Press Secretary Mandy McClure released the following statement:


“Today in Cincinnati, Donald Trump will falsely claim his massive corporate tax breaks are benefiting working Ohioans. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, the Trump tax is a complete rip-off for the 1.6 million Ohioans who will see their taxes go up over the next decade, while corporations win big. And despite Trump’s claims, the billions in corporate tax giveaways are not trickling down to workers, as Speaker Ryan clearly pointed out this weekend. On top of his lies, there will be more broken promises. Trump said he would bring manufacturing jobs back to Ohio, but offshoring has only increased under his watch, and the Trump tax incentivizes companies to ship even more jobs overseas.  


“Ohio taxpayers deserve real tax reform that strengthens our workforce and creates economic opportunities for all. Instead, Republicans created this sham of a tax plan and now want to use the skyrocketing deficit it created as an excuse to slash funding for Social Security, education, Medicare and Medicaid, opioid treatment, and other critical programs families rely on. While the opioid epidemic takes more lives every day, Ohioans need action, not more empty rhetoric and policies that cut funding for vital resources in the fight against the opioid epidemic. Ohioans should be outraged.”


Here’s a look at how the Trump Tax plan will impact communities across Ohio: