Trump Spends Taxpayer Dollars On Golf Over Healthcare


Donald Trump will once again spend the weekend at a Trump-branded property. Trump tweeted that he was saving the country money by staying at his Bedminster golf course, but that’s a lie.

The truth is Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort, which he dubbed the “Winter White House” and has spent almost half his weekends as President at, is closing for the season. Trump has already spent one third of his presidency at his for-profit properties, costing taxpayers more than $20 million.

While Trump wastes taxpayer dollars to promote his brand, millions of Americans sit in fear of losing their coverage from his disastrous healthcare bill. People’s lives are at stake. Trump should pay for healthcare, not golf and trips to country clubs he owns.

Here are a few things Trump might want to think about while he’s at his private quarters or out on the golf course:

·         24 million Americans will be stripped of healthcare coverage.

·         Planned Parenthood will be defunded, making it more difficult for millions of women to access critical health services.

·         Premiums on older Americans will skyrocket.

·         Individuals with pre-existing conditions could be subject to faulty and expensive high-risk pools.

·         Insurance companies will be able institute lifetime limits on coverage, even on those with chronic illnesses.