Trump Stands In The Way Of Protecting American Dreamers

It’s long past time for Trump and Republicans to stop playing games with Dreamers’ lives and start working with Democrats to protect these Americans.


As the Senate begins debate on an immigration deal today, Trump continues to stand in the way.


NPR: “The Senate will open up a rare, open-ended debate on immigration and the fate of the “Dreamer” immigrants on Monday. But the most influential voice in the conversation may be on the other side of Pennsylvania Avenue. If the aim is to pass a legislative solution soon, President Donald Trump remains a crucial and, at times, complicating player.”


Boston Herald: “But a major variable hangs over the efforts of lawmakers as they begin what could be a weekslong and politically bruising process: What kind of legislation will President Trump ultimately support? Trump’s immigration demands have fluctuated wildly. He first said he would sign whatever agreement lawmakers present to him, only later to reject a bipartisan plan that helped lead to a government shutdown last month.”


Instead of standing up to protect American Dreamers, Trump continues to push his anti-immigrant agenda.


Washington Post: “But as ICE officers get wider latitude to determine whom they detain, the biggest jump in arrests has been of immigrants with no criminal convictions. The agency made 37,734 ‘noncriminal’ arrests in the government’s 2017 fiscal year, more than twice the number in the previous year. The category includes suspects facing possible charges as well as those without criminal records.”


Bloomberg: “The plan includes a heavy emphasis on immigration enforcement. Trump is requesting $782 million to hire 2,750 new border and immigration officers, and $2.7 billion to detain people in the country illegally. Trump is also asking for $18 billion over the next two fiscal years toward the goal of constructing a wall on the U.S. border with Mexico.”


If Trump and Republicans don’t come to the table to reach a deal, 915 Dreamers will lose protections each day.


CNN Money: “Should they fail to put another option in place, 915 Dreamers will lose protection from deportation each day, according to the Migration Policy Institute.”


The time to protect Dreamers is now.