Trump Still Downplays Risk As Colleges Reopen And Campus Coronavirus Cases Surge

Coronavirus cases on college campuses are already surging as students begin to return to school for the fall. Yet Trump continues to minimize the risk posed by the virus.

Last night, Trump downplayed the risks of students returning to campus by comparing the coronavirus to the flu.

TRUMP: “So, nevertheless, certain colleges and universities have announced that they would suspend the in-person teaching. For older people and individuals with underlying conditions, the China virus is very dangerous, but for university students, the likelihood of severe illness is less than or equal to the risk of a seasonal few [sic] — a seasonal flu. And the seasonal flu happens and comes and it goes, and it can be very bad, but people don’t talk about it in the same way, and they shouldn’t. But if you look at that, the odds are less than or equal to.”

As students return to campus, some schools are already being forced to shut down again as students test positive for the coronavirus, and faculty and communities fear the consequences of potential new outbreaks.

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