Trump Stops Trying To Contain The Coronavirus In An Effort To Boost His Reelection

For months, Trump refused to listen to experts or make a plan to confront the pandemic. Now, Trump has stopped even trying to contain the coronavirus and is instead trying to undermine testing to reduce case counts in an effort to boost his own approval rating ahead of the election. As nearly 1,000 Americans die every day, Trump has also abandoned wearing masks at public events, putting even more people at risk.

Trump is pivoting to a narrow testing strategy to reduce case counts in an effort to boost his approval rating ahead of the election.

Politico: “Trump pivots to narrow coronavirus testing strategy as election looms”

Politico: “The change is part of a concerted effort by the White House to increase public approval of President Donald Trump’s pandemic response — and bolster his reelection chances — by sharply reducing Covid-19 case counts and the number of deaths and hospitalizations attributed to virus, according to five people familiar with the strategy.”

Trump has abandoned wearing masks at his near-daily public events, putting Americans at risk, and despite saying wearing masks was patriotic.

Bloomberg: “Donald Trump and his top aides are conducting near-daily public events without wearing masks, disregarding government guidelines as well as the president’s short-lived effort to encourage Americans to cover their faces out of patriotism.”

The CDC refuted Trump’s conspiracy that death tolls have been exaggerated as more than 1,000 Americans continue to die every day so far this week.

CNN: “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention doubled down against rumors — spread mostly on social media — suggesting that coronavirus deaths have been greatly exaggerated.”