Trump Takes Taxpayer-Funded Vacation, Before Raising Taxes on Regular Americans

Ahead of President Trump’s most recent trip to Mar-a-Lago, DNC spokesperson Daniel Wessel released the following statement:

“President Trump is leaving for yet another taxpayer-funded vacation to one of his properties, while pushing a tax plan that would increase taxes on millions of middle-class families. For months now, American taxpayers have been forced to foot the bill for Trump’s frequent vacations, while he profits. And now Trump stands to gain billions from his tax plan at their expense. Instead of helping the middle class get ahead, Trump is stealing from them for his own gain.”

Trump’s Mar-a-Lago trip by the numbers:

  • So far Trump has spent nearly one-third of his presidency at a Trump-branded property.
  • In total, Trump has spent 97 days at one of his properties and 76 days at one of his golf courses (we can only assume he’ll hit the links again this trip).
  • Trump’s trips to Mar-a-Lago alone are estimated to cost at least $3 million each. You do the math.
  • Trump could save more than $1 billion from the Republican tax plan, while every income group making under $75,000 would have their taxes increase, on average.