Trump Tax Is Not Tricking Down & Voters Don’t Expect It Will

The Trump tax isn’t doing Republicans any favors. Despite their promises, a new survey confirms that the Trump tax is not trickling down to workers, and a new poll shows that voters see through their lies. See for yourself:


Despite Republican promises, a new survey shows that massive tax cuts for corporations have done little to spur investment or create jobs.


Business Insider: “Republicans' pitch on tax cuts was fairly clear: Lower rates on corporations would spur investment and create new jobs. A new survey published by the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta in conjunction with Stanford University and University of Chicago Booth School economists shows the new policy measures have done little do bolster corporate investment plans.”


In fact, if anything, corporations have revised down their expectations for this year – meaning the Trump tax will not trickle down.


Business Insider: “‘In our February survey—which was in the field from February 12 through February 23—we asked firms, 'How has the recently enacted Tax Cuts and Jobs Act led you to revise your plans for capital expenditures in 2018?' The results shown below—restricted to the 218 firms that responded in both November 2017 and February 2018—suggest that, if anything, these firms have revised down their expectations for this year.’”


Americans know the Trump tax was not written for them. Voters continue to oppose the law and more say it will hurt their family’s finances than help.


Public Policy Polling: “Another thing causing Republicans trouble is that the tax bill isn’t doing them any favors. Only 31% of voters say they support it to 40% who are opposed. Continuing with that 31% figure, only 31% of voters think the tax plan is actually going to help their family’s finances with 33% saying they think it will actually hurt, and 29% saying they think it will not have any impact. 57% think the tax plan will mostly help the rich to 29% who think the middle class will be the biggest beneficiaries.”