Trump Thinks It’s “Beautiful” That Women Are Dying Because of the Extreme Abortion Bans He Made Possible 

In response to Trump calling cruel abortion bans in states across the country “beautiful,” DNC National Press Secretary Emilia Rowland released the following statement: 

“Donald Trump thinks it’s ‘beautiful’ that a 13-year-old rape victim was forced to carry the pregnancy due to Mississippi’s abortion ban; that a young woman in Texas almost died because doctors were afraid to treat her; and that a Florida woman was turned away from the emergency room and lost roughly half her blood in a single day after experiencing a miscarriage. Anyone who thinks women dying or suffering extreme physical, mental, and emotional harm because they can’t access reproductive health care is a ‘beautiful thing to watch’ is fundamentally unfit to serve.”

Trump thinks it’s beautiful that: Texas woman Amanda Zurawski nearly died when her doctors were unable to  provide her the abortion care she needed until she developed a severe and life-threatening case of sepsis, due to the state’s extreme abortion bans.

Trump thinks it’s beautiful that: Women are forced to flee their home states to receive life-saving reproductive care because the GOP legislators in their home states would rather a woman die than have access to abortion care.

Trump thinks it’s beautiful that: A woman in Florida had to carry her baby to term knowing that he would die.

Trump thinks it’s beautiful that: Florida doctors had to turn away a pregnant woman who was miscarrying, forcing her to deliver her nonviable fetus in a hair salon bathroom and face near death after losing half the blood in her body.

Trump thinks it’s beautiful that: A Texas OBGYN reported having to stand idly by as pregnant patients lives are threatened on his watch due to the extreme abortion bans Republican state legislators have imposed onto Texas women.

Trump thinks it’s beautiful that: A teenage rape victim from Mississippi had no other choice but to travel 500 miles to get an abortion.

Trump thinks it’s beautiful that: Alabama doctors were too scared to approve an abortion for a mother whose baby wouldn’t survive to term.

Trump thinks it’s beautiful that: A 25-year-old college senior was in “extreme danger” of dying because under Texas law, doctors were afraid to treat her until her fallopian tube was rupturing, a “highly dangerous” condition. 

Trump thinks it’s beautiful that: Women must travel upwards of eight hours round trip for the reproductive care that they deserve.

Trump thinks it’s beautiful that: In Arizona, the Arizona Supreme Court ruled that a near-total abortion ban from 1864 was enforceable before Democrats worked tirelessly to overturned the law. However, there is still an extreme abortion ban still on the books with no exceptions for rape or incest – and the back and forth caused by both of the bans created mass chaos for abortion clinics, doctors, and women in Arizona.

Trump thinks it’s beautiful that: A North Dakota court kept a strict abortion ban in place even in cases of medical emergencies.

Trump thinks it’s beautiful that: Texas arrested and charged a woman for allegedly self-managing an abortion.

Trump thinks it’s beautiful that: more than 1 in 3 women live in a state where Trump’s far-right minions have stripped women of their fundamental right to an abortion.

Trump thinks it’s beautiful that: 21 states have abortion bans, half of which have no exceptions for rape or incest.

  • In January, a group of doctors published a study finding that 519,981 rapes occurred in these 14 states and 64,565 of them resulted in pregnancy.
  • In Missouri, nearly 6,000 women carried rape-related pregnancies, and in Mississippi, a 13-year-old girl was forced to have her rapist’s baby.

Trump thinks it’s beautiful that: Texas Republicans want to punish women who receive abortions with the same sentences as murderers, and are leaving the door open for the death penalty.

NEW: Donald Trump called the restrictive and cruel patchwork of abortion bans rolling out across the country “a beautiful thing to watch.”

The Hill: “Former President Trump on Wednesday said it was ‘a beautiful thing to watch’ as individual states passed patchwork abortion laws, some more restrictive than others, and suggested it could unify the country even as Democrats use the issue to drive turnout in elections.”

“Reproductive rights have been front and center politically in the two years since the conservative Supreme Court majority ended Roe v. Wade, with some states enshrining abortion rights and others enacting restrictive laws that effectively ban the procedure.”

“‘And it’s taken it off the shoulders of the federal government … The people are deciding. And in many ways, it’s a beautiful thing to watch.’

“Trump both took credit for ending Roe v. Wade through the appointment of three conservative justices to the Supreme Court and attacked Democrats as ‘the radicals’ on the issue of abortion for not supporting limits on late-term abortions.

“‘The states are all deciding right now. And I think it’s working the way that people wanted it to work,’ Trump said. ‘And it’s going to bring the country together on an issue that was very, very bad.’”