Trump To Gain Billions From Republican Tax Plan

The Republican tax plan would be a huge windfall for President Trump, his family, his cabinet and other wealthy individuals like them, all at the expense of lower- and middle-income families.


Republican Tax Bill

Trump Benefits

Business taxes

Lowers taxes on certain types of business income to 25%

Trump could save about $16 million

Alternative minimum tax

Eliminates the alternative minimum tax

Trump could save $31 million

Estate tax

Repeals the estate tax

Trump could save about $1.1 billion

TIME: “The bill as it currently exists, known as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, overwhelmingly helps wealthy Americans like Trump.”

New Yorker: “Donald Trump stands to gain millions from the Republican tax bill”

Business Insider: “President Donald Trump stands to be a big beneficiary of his new tax plan, should it enter into law.”

New York Times: “Unsurprisingly, the tax bill contains a couple of provisions that are designed to benefit the Trumps and others like them.”

Center for American Progress’ Seth Hanlon: “The Republican tax bill looks like it was written by Donald Trump’s accountants and tax lawyers, and I’m not even joking.”

New York Times: “That Mr. Trump’s industry has not been targeted with new taxes could provide fodder for critics of the Republican tax plan who have argued that the president is promoting policies that will enrich him and his family.”