Trump To Governors: Praise Me Or Else

At his press briefing tonight, Trump said the quiet part out loud: that he only wants to help governors obtain the supplies they need if they praise him.

Trump continued to downplay the ventilator shortage in New York.

CNN’s Daniel Dale: “Asked what he is basing his view that NY doesn’t need that many ventilators on, Trump does not explain. He just says, ‘I think their estimates are high…they could be extremely high.’”

Trump continued to attack governors for pleading with him for help obtaining supplies after a delayed federal response.

Washington Post’s Josh Dawsey: “‘A couple that aren’t appreciative of the incredible job,’ Trump says of governors. ‘They have to do a better job themselves.’”

The Atlantic’s Edward-Isaac Dovere: “She has no idea what’s going on,’ Trump says of Gretchen Whitmer, who has been saying that Michiganders are suffering because there are not enough federal resources”

MSNBC’s Kyle Griffin: “Trump attacks the governors of Washington and Michigan, who asked for his help during a pandemic: ‘I think we’ve done a great job for the state of Washington and I think the governor is a failed presidential candidate … Michigan, all she does— she has no idea what’s going on.’”

Trump admitted that he wants to tie federal coronavirus aid for governors to personal praise.

The Atlantic’s Edward-Isaac Dovere: “To get a better response out of the federal government, Trump says of governors is ‘I want them to appreciative.’ The question here is about getting resources that potentially will make the difference between people living and dying.”

Washington Post’s Philip Rucker: “Trump is demanding over and over again that governors ‘be appreciative’ of the hard work he, Mike Pence and his aides are doing on coronavirus — saying out loud that he expects praise from state leaders in exchange for federal help responding to the pandemic.”

Washington Post’s Josh Dawsey: “‘If they don’t treat you right, I don’t call,’ Trump says of governors, saying he told Pence not to call the governors of Washington and Michigan.”