Trump Touts Deals That Turn Out To Be Failures

Time and again, Trump has falsely claimed credit for U.S. investments made over the past two years by various corporations and has pointed to their successes as “proof” his economic agenda is working.


Unfortunately, many of the corporations cited by Trump have since moved their investments abroad and laid off American workers. Unsurprisingly, Trump takes no blame for that. Yesterday, Foxconn announced it would likely move part of its Wisconsin manufacturing investment to China.


Here are just a few of the corporations that Trump falsely claimed he convinced to invest in America, which have since laid off workers or failed to follow through on their investments:


Trump took credit for Foxconn investing in the United States. Now they’re moving their manufacturing investment to China.


Trump said he saved Carrier jobs. Then they moved jobs to Mexico and laid off hundreds of workers.

Trump visited Boeing to celebrate his promise to protect American jobs. Then they laid off thousands of workers, including about 200 at the same facility Trump visited.


Trump gave Kimberly-Clark massive tax breaks. They used it to lay off 5,000 workers.


Trump claimed Ford was building in the U.S. because of him. Now they plan to lay off thousands of workers.


Trump took credit for General Motors keeping jobs in Michigan. Now they’re closing plants laying off 14,000 workers.


Trump used Harley Davidson to tout his manufacturing agenda. Then they closed a plant and laid off hundreds of workers.