Trump Undermines American Values Abroad

Trump does not stand up for American values, and in fact, he has repeatedly undermined them abroad by ignoring human rights abuses.

Trump failed to stand up for democracy in Hong Kong because of his loyalty to President Xi and concerns about his reelection.

Politico: “When the two spoke by phone ahead of the international gathering, Trump surprised his aides when he told Xi that he would not condemn the Chinese government over a crackdown in Hong Kong. He understood it was an internal issue in which the U.S. would not interfere, he said.”

Washington Post: “Trump Says He Might Veto Legislation That Aims To Protect Human Rights In Hong Kong Because Bill Could Affect China Trade Talks”

Trump put his reelection interests ahead of standing up to China’s concentration camps—and reportedly even encouraged them.

Washington Post: “Bolton Says Trump Didn’t Just Ignore Human Rights But Encouraged China’s Concentration Camps”

New York Times: “Trump Says He Avoided Punishing China Over Uighur Camps To Protect Trade Talks.”

Axios: “Trump Held Off On Xinjiang Sanctions For China Trade Deal

Trump embraced human rights violators and lent them credibility.

Washington Post Editorial Board: “President Trump has made a habit of embracing authoritarian rulers he regards as friendly, without regard for their subversion of democratic norms or gross human rights violations. Yet his meeting with Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak at the White House on Tuesday sets a new low.”

Trump defended authoritarians’ human rights violations by making false equivalences.

Washington Post: ”Trump Says U.S. Shouldn’t Criticize Turkey’s Erdogan Over Post-Coup Purge”

Washington Post: “O’Reilly Told Trump That Putin Is A Killer. Trump’s Reply: ‘You Think Our Country Is So Innocent?’”