Trump Vacates Fight Against Climate Change

This week, the Trump administration is skipping a major international climate change conference. Just last week, the United Nations warned that the climate crisis is near the “point of no return” because the world’s largest economies are not “pulling their weight” to prevent a climate catastrophe.

Trump vacated the fight against climate change and has made it harder for other countries to address the issue.

Washington Post: “President Trump isn’t going to Spain this week for a major international climate change conference. That isn’t a surprise, given everything he’s said and done when it comes to global warming.”

Associated Press: “Science warnings, US retreat add urgency to UN climate talks”

Reuters: “The task of strengthening the Paris Agreement has been complicated by a move by the administration of U.S. President Donald Trump to begin formally withdrawing from the deal.”

Trump has pushed policies that would make the climate crisis even worse. Trump’s EPA doesn’t think addressing climate change should be part of its mission.

Los Angeles Times Editorial: “In other words, rather than adopting policies and practices to slow the rise in global temperatures, humanity is essentially continuing on the same suicidal course it’s been on for decades. And, of course, Trump administration policies seeking ever more fossil fuel production in the U.S. are exactly opposite of what we need to do.”

The Guardian: “The Trump administration’s replacement for the linchpin Obama-era plan to combat climate change would increase greenhouse gas emissions in much of the US more than doing nothing at all, according to new research.”

Associated Press: “The Environmental Protection Agency responded to Monday’s report of the Government Accountability Office by rejecting many of its findings. That includes dismissing GAO investigators’ recommendation that the agency and Administrator Andrew Wheeler explicitly state that the EPA’s mission includes dealing with climate change and its increased risk of disasters breaching Superfund sites.”

Meanwhile, our planet is burning. The disastrous effects of climate change have already put our economy and Americans’ livelihoods on the line.

Axios: “Climate Change Is Making Home Insurance Unavailable Or Unaffordable In The Riskiest Areas For Hurricanes, Wildfires And Flooding.”

CNBC: “‘We’re Fighting For Our Lives’ – US Apple Farmers Endure Major Crop And Profit Losses As Climate Changes.”

Bloomberg: “Climate change makes investments riskier, blunts workers’ productivity, and shakes up monetary stability, economists told the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.”