Trump Wants To Overturn The ACA With No Plan To Replace It

Trump repeatedly promised that he would “take care of everybody” and would “always protect Americans with pre-existing conditions.” But now, Trump has once again broken his promises by trying to overturn the entire Affordable Care Act and threaten the health care coverage of millions of Americans, all while offering no plan to replace it.


On the campaign trail, Trump promised that everyone would have health care and he would always protect people with pre-existing conditions.


Vox: “During his presidential campaign, Trump told 60 Minutes, ‘I am going to take care of everybody.’ On the campaign trail in 2018, he sounded similar. ‘We will always protect Americans with preexisting conditions,’ he said at an event in Philadelphia just before the midterm elections.”

Trump broke his promises and instructed his Justice Department to support a lawsuit to invalidate the ACA, jeopardizing health care coverage and pre-existing condition protections for millions of Americans.


NBC News: “On the Republican side, President Donald Trump approved a surprise decision to push for the complete elimination of the Affordable Care Act in the courts. If it succeeded, millions of Americans would lose private insurance or Medicaid coverage and the health care system would be thrown into chaos.”


New York Times: “The Trump administration’s surprise decision to press for a court-ordered demolition of the Affordable Care Act came after a heated meeting in the Oval Office on Monday, where his acting chief of staff and others convinced President Trump that he could do through the courts what he could not do through Congress: Repeal his predecessor’s signature achievement.”

Neither the White House nor Republicans in Congress even have a plan to replace the ACA should they succeed in overturning the law.

CNN: “Trump says GOP will be the party of health care but provides no plan.”


Washington Post: “But neither the White House nor Republicans in Congress have offered a new plan to replace the comprehensive Obama-era law, which was passed nearly a decade ago and has grown in popularity since Trump was elected.”


Politico: “Azar argued against backing a lawsuit seeking the full repeal of the health care law at a White House meeting in late December, citing the lack of a Republican alternative, according to two sources briefed on internal discussions, while Mulvaney said that taking a bold stance would force Congress into repealing and replacing the law.”