Trump Wins Big Under Republican Tax Plan

We already know that big corporations and the top 1% are big beneficiaries from the Republican tax plan, but one of the biggest winners would be Donald Trump himself.

Trump’s own industry is the biggest winner from the Republican tax plan.

New York Times: “Tax Plan Crowns a Big Winner: Trump’s Industry

New York Times: “And perhaps the biggest winner is the industry where President Trump and his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, made their millions: commercial real estate.

Trump’s family would also be huge beneficiaries from the Republican tax plan.

Los Angeles Times: “The Senate bill, like the House version, would double the exemption on the estate tax to $22.4 million (for couples), while preserving the tax rate of 40% on estates above that threshold. This may be the most glaring handout to the rich in the legislation. […] Among the emblematic beneficiaries would be Donald Trump Jr. and his siblings Ivanka and Eric.”

A Republican Senator even admitted that Republicans misleadingly sold their tax plan as a middle-class tax cut, because of how much Trump stood to gain.

Business Insider: “Sanford suggested Republicans portrayed the bill as being centered on broader tax reform partly because of President Donald Trump and his background. ‘There's a degree of political sensitivity given, I think, the president's net worth and business involvements and of being labeled as what might be best for him,’ Sanford said.”

Business Insider: “Top GOP congressman: Our tax bill was 'mislabeled' to avoid concerns about Trump's 'net worth and business involvements'