Trumpcare and Republicans Are Sabotaging Insurance Markets

“Efforts by Donald Trump and Republicans to repeal Obamacare are putting insurance companies in turmoil. Trump’s threats to sabotage the ACA and the House’s passage of his disastrous Trumpcare bill have created uncertainty for our insurance providers – hiking up prices or forcing them to pull out of markets entirely – making it more difficult for American families to obtain the healthcare they need and deserve.” – DNC Deputy Communications Director Adrienne Watson

Earlier this month Trump threatened to cut off subsidy payments to providers, a lifeline for those providing coverage to low-income families and the elderly:

            “Plus we’re subsidising it and we don’t have to subsidise it. You know if I ever stop wanting to pay the subsidies, which I will.”

Republicans and Donald Trump are ruining the insurance markets, not Obamacare and the media agrees:


Bloomberg: Aetna Is Latest Health Insurer to Quit Obamacare Markets

Those problems have been further pushed by Republicans, who are considering legislation in Congress to repeal and replace large portions of the health law, and by President Donald Trump, who has threatened to withhold support from key portions of the law that keep the markets functioning.

The Washington Post: Here’s how the Republicans could push ACA into a ‘death spiral’

Health-care experts say the Affordable Care Act is stable, but President Trump and congressional Republicans could push it over the cliff into a “death spiral.”

The Spokesman Review: Republicans quietly destabilized health insurance market

The most explicit and recent effort is Donald Trump’s threat to withhold $7 billion from the health insurance companies unless the Democrats negotiate on the spending bill. This is money pledged by the Affordable Care Act for cost-sharing reductions intended to make health care and health insurance affordable for working subscribers with lower income.

Slate: Trumpcare Might Break the Insurance Market

Republican leaders have claimed that their new health care legislation will finally stabilize America's wobbly insurance markets, which under Obamacare have failed to settle down in many states. Unfortunately, there are strong reasons to worry that their proposal would make the damage worse in some markets—and maybe collapse them entirely.

The HillObamaCare uncertainty driving premium hikes

Uncertainty among insurers about how the Trump administration will handle the Affordable Care Act could translate into double-digit premium increases for 2018. Insurers are beginning to file rate requests with state insurance regulators, and some states could see premium increases of 50 percent or more.