Trump’s 78 Radical Right-Wing Wishes for His 78th Birthday

DNC National Press Secretary Emilia Rowland released the following statement: 

“On Donald Trump’s 78th birthday, we want to make sure the American people know 78 of Trump and his extreme MAGA allies’ radical right-wing wishes for his second term.”

  1. Force American women to live under a wildly unpopular nationwide abortion ban, stripping them of their fundamental freedoms.
  2. Terminate the Affordable Care Act, ripping health care coverage away from millions of hardworking Americans and potentially allowing health insurance companies to discriminate against the millions of people with preexisting conditions.
  3. Gut critical, hard-earned benefits such as  Social Security and Medicare for America’s seniors. 
  4. Give more tax handouts to big corporations and the ultra-wealthy and make working Americans foot the bill.
  5. Roll back gun regulations on pistol braces that have been used in mass shootings.
  6. Trump’s Project 2025 is plotting to eliminate the Department of Education.
  7. Praise Putin for his invasion of Ukraine instead of supporting U.S. allies and defending democracy.
  8. Trump and his extreme Project 2025 allies have a plan to ban abortion medication, making it even more difficult for women to access reproductive health care.
  9. Allow red states to monitor women’s pregnancies, supporting extremist Republicans in violating Americans’ fundamental right to privacy.
  10. Threaten to allow Russia to “do whatever the hell they want” to our NATO allies. 
  11. Allow states to throw women, doctors, and nurses in jail for attempting to provide or receive life-saving reproductive health care.
  12. Appoint more extreme right-wing judges.
  13. Trump and his Project 2025 allies have a plan to oust federal officials who would stand in the way of Trump’s conspiracy-backed agenda and replace them with Trump’s MAGA minions.
  14. Restrict access to contraception.
  15. Trump and his radical Project 2025 allies have a plan to recommit to restructuring eligibility to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), threatening to leave individuals and families without the benefits they need.
  16. Threaten Americans’ access to using IVF to grow their families.
  17. Allow big corporations to charge bogus junk fees that some of Trump’s allies defend instead of bringing down the costs for working families. 
  18. Two-time unions by courting their endorsements but also have an anti-labor record that prioritized billionaires and corporations at the expense of hardworking Americans and their labor rights. 
  19. Dismiss efforts to raise the minimum wage to put more money into the pockets of American workers. 
  20. Threaten to appoint anti-union officials to the National Labor Relations Board like he did in his first term who will consistently side against the American worker. 
  21. Worsen inflation with reckless policies that his policy advisors have plotted to “devalue the US dollar.
  22. Encourage an economic crash for his own political benefit.
  23. Impose an across the board 10% tariff on imported goods, adding to the $230 billion that Americans have already paid thanks to his previous trade wars. 
  24. Wrongfully take credit for all of President Biden’s hard work to cap insulin prices at $35 a month for seniors after failing to cap insulin costs or hold Big Pharma accountable during his four years in the White House.
  25. Undermine Medicare’s ability to negotiate fair drug prices for seniors.
  26. Arm classroom teachers with weapons instead of implementing common-sense gun laws that would help keep our children safe in schools.
  27. Roll back President Biden’s “zero-tolerance” policy that revokes federal licenses from firearms dealers that have violated gun laws. 
  28. Threaten to diminish funding for Pell Grant recipients, affecting over 8 million students every year.
  29. Prioritize the National Rifle Association over the American people.
  30. Enforce sex discrimination laws on the basis of biological sex, including banning transgender Americans from serving their country in the military, according to Trump’s Project 2025 Playbook.
  31. Rip away access to gender-affirming care for minors, preventing people from receiving access to health care they deserve. 
  32. Trump’s Project 2025 allies want to defund the Department of Energy, including the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, the Office of Clean Energy Demonstrations and the Loan Programs Office. 
  33. Reverse the Biden Administration’s focus on the LGBTQ+ community and equity.
  34. Stack his cabinet with extreme-right allies.
  35. Destroy the United States’ democracy and freedom and acting as a dictator on “day one.” 
  36. Dream of a “unified reich.”
  37. Pardon January 6 insurrectionists, letting them off the hook for the violent assault on the U.S. Capitol.
  38. Slash civil service protections and seize tighter control over bureaucratic operations.
  39. Weaponize the Department of Justice to spearhead his personal revenge tour by prosecuting political opponents.
  40. Gut President Biden’s historic climate legislation, putting clean energy subsidies and regulations that incentivize electric vehicles on the chopping block.
  41. Withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement again, disregarding international efforts to fight climate change.
  42. Dismantle regulations on Big Oil and Gas.  
  43. Promise to roll back regulations for Big Oil after asking them to donate $1 billion to his campaign.
  44. Unravel Biden’s investments in American EV manufacturing.
  45. Trump’s extreme allies want to eliminate the EPA’s Office of Environmental Justice, threatening its efforts to reduce harm to lower-income and minority communities who are disproportionately affected by pollution.
  46. Recommit to his disastrous first term agenda of rolling back environmental regulations and undermining the EPA.
  47. Threaten to double down on his first term agenda that put regulations regarding toxic chemicals on the chopping block, despite the fact that they pose serious health threats to the American people.
  48. Defund the Federal Transit Administration, hurting millions of Americans who rely on local public transportation every day, according to the plan from Project 2025. 
  49. Continue to applaud and cozy up to white supremacists, who he’s called “very fine people” and “my people.”
  50. Push for an unconstitutional third term if he retakes power. 
  51. Attack diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts and work to shift the narrative to “anti-white” racism, upending efforts to counter racism and support minority groups.
  52. Trump and his Project 2025 allies have a plan to cut federal K-12 public school universal meal programs, threatening to allow more children to go hungry.
  53. Continue to inspire allies to censor and ban books in states.
  54. Try to insert his extremism and political interference into public school curriculums. 
  55. Funnel money away from public education, plans for which are further outlined in his extreme allies’ Project 2025 playbook
  56. Threaten to eliminate over 490,000 (approximately 14% nationwide) public school teachers instead of addressing the teacher shortage.
  57. Trump Project 2025 allies want to halt all student loan forgiveness initiatives and programs, exacerbating the ongoing student debt crisis.
  58.  Rip apart families with his cruel immigration policies. 
  59. Enable the mass deportation and detention of undocumented immigrants. 
  60. Create detention camps near the Southern border. 
  61. Deploy the American military to round up immigrants.
  62. Try to terminate DACA (again).
  63. Ban entry for people coming from Muslim-majority countries, again. 
  64. Abolish birthright citizenship in the United States.
  65. Continue to praise foreign dictators including North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, despite human rights abuses.
  66. Move to withdraw from the World Health Organization and undermine global health operations, again. 
  67. Fire career diplomats and replace them with his MAGA cronies.
  68. Undermine criminal justice reform efforts, as planned with Trump’s Project 2025 playbook.
  69. Expand and increase the use of the death penalty.
  70.  Go after television companies that report what he deems “fake news” and jeopardize First Amendment rights.
  71. Deploy the military against American civilians. 
  72. Mobilize the National Guard to combat crime.
  73. Use the Department of Justice to investigate his political enemies.
  74. Threaten to disregard Mexico’s sovereignty and send armed forces into Mexico to combat the drug cartels.
  75. Bring back large mental institutions instead of actually addressing the mental health crisis.  
  76. Force unhoused people off of the street by moving them to tent cities.
  77. Potentially gut funding for rural schools by $175 million.
  78. Become the first U.S. president to be a convicted felon (oh wait, he already did that).