Trump’s Actions Endanger the American People

Every day, Trump continues to put our national security and the American people at risk through his dangerous actions.


Trump reportedly wants to quit the Paris climate agreement, which would threaten US security and our relationships with our allies.


The Guardian: “The UN secretary general, António Guterres, warned on Tuesday that if Donald Trump withdraws from the Paris climate agreement, there could be negative economic, security and societal consequences for the US.”


Trump’s leaks of highly-classified intelligence to a foreign adversary is a security risk to the US and “the entire Western world.”


Washington Post: Headline: “Trump’s Russia leak has countries scared to share intel. That’s really dangerous.”


Business Insider: “Lischka, who sits on the German parliament's intelligence oversight committee, noted that Trump had access to ‘exclusive and highly sensitive information including in the area of combating terrorism.’ The Social Democratic Party lawmaker said that if the US president ‘passes this information to other governments at will, then Trump becomes a security risk for the entire Western world.’”


Washington Post: “But officials expressed concern about Trump’s handling of sensitive information as well as his grasp of the potential consequences. Exposure of an intelligence stream that has provided critical insight into the Islamic State, they said, could hinder the United States’ and its allies’ ability to detect future threats.”


Trump’s first foreign trip had serious consequences.


Washington Post: “A raid by government forces in Bahrain against a pro-opposition stronghold has left at least five people dead and hundreds detained in one of the deadliest crackdowns since protests erupted in 2011 against the Persian Gulf nation’s Western-backed monarchy… In Bahrain, the government’s opponents viewed the conference and Trump’s appearance with the Bahraini monarch as providing tacit approval for the raid on Tuesday.”


Trump’s budget proposal would cut transportation security to US targets and diminish the world’s capacity to tackle health security issues.


Wall Street Journal: “President Donald Trump’s 2018 budget would cut transportation security grants that support patrols of so-called soft targets like New York City’s Penn Station and Washington, D.C.’s Union Station.”


Huffington Post: “US President Donald Trump’s first budget request for fiscal year 2018 includes drastic cuts for diplomacy and overseas aid (-32%), and slashes US$4.6 billion from humanitarian assistance and global health spending The cut diminishes the world’s capacity to prevent and coordinate interventions to tackle human health security issues.”


Trump has given world leaders his personal cell phone number to call, risking the security and secrecy of presidential communications.


Associated Press: “President Donald Trump has been handing out his cellphone number to world leaders and urging them to call him directly, an unusual invitation that breaks diplomatic protocol and is raising concerns about the security and secrecy of the U.S. commander in chief’s communications.”