Trump’s Big Lies to Autoworkers

Yesterday, Trump claimed that companies were expanding plants and bringing back jobs in the U.S. because of him. In reality, plants continue to close and thousands of autoworkers have lost their jobs under Trump’s watch.

Trump said that he has a very powerful relationship with autoworkers and that companies are opening plants, including in Lordstown, Ohio.

Trump: “My relationship has been very powerful with the autoworkers.”

Trump: “Nobody has ever brought more companies into the United States. You know, I have Japan companies and Germany. Many countries have been bringing car companies in and opening plants and expanding plants and big things are happening in Ohio, including with Lordstown, very positive things are happening.”

The truth is that Trump has only lied to autoworkers and jobs are not coming back, including in Lordstown where 1,600 workers lost their jobs.

Columbus Dispatch: “Although Ohio lawmakers from both parties expressed fury over General Motors saying it intends to close its 1,600-employee Lordstown plant in March, the company had signaled for months that declining sales and higher steel costs due to tariffs imposed by Trump would eventually hurt automakers.”

Associated Press: “In the U.S. about 2,300 jobs will be cut through buyouts and layoffs. About 1,500 already have happened. About 500 workers will be let go this week… Most of Ford’s white-collar workers are in and around the company’s Dearborn, Michigan, headquarters.”

Challenger, Gray & Christmas: “The Automotive sector has announced 36,148 cuts so far this year, the highest eight-month total since 2009, when 128,906 jobs were cut.”