Trump’s Broken Promises Lead to Hundreds of Lost Jobs in Indianapolis

More than 300 workers in Indianapolis today are unjustly facing the devastating repercussions of the first six months of Donald Trump’s dangerous economic agenda. Despite Trump’s repeated promises to grow the American manufacturing industry and incentivize companies from moving jobs overseas, Indiana businesses like Carrier Corp. are closing their door and forcing thousands of manufacturing workers out of their jobs. These lay-offs are just the most recent and cruel indication that Trump isn’t interested in following through on the promises he made to the hardworking Americans in the very industries he guaranteed to protect during his campaign. American workers do not deserve to lose their jobs because Trump fails to put forth meaningful policies that would create good paying jobs and strengthen our local economies.


Indy Star: Carrier lays off first 300 employees on 6-month anniversary of Trump's presidency

“The previously announced layoffs coincide, to the day, with the six-month anniversary of Donald Trump's presidency. They are part of a deal Trump struck with the company in December to prevent deeper job cuts at the plant.”


“But critics have blasted Trump and Pence for exaggerating the number of jobs saved and for providing taxpayer subsidies to the company even as it ships most work to Mexico.”


“‘There hasn't been any policy proposal from this presidential administration that gets at retaining and growing the manufacturing workforce,’ [Tatikonda] said.”


The Indy Channel: First wave of Carrier layoffs begin Thursday, second round will begin 3 days before Christmas

“The company announced in February 2016 that it would be moving roughly 1,400 jobs from their west side manufacturing plant to Monterrey, Mexico, citing the ability to save money through lower wages. Call 6 Investigates found some Mexican wages as low as $3 per hour without benefits, and $6 per hour with benefits. Some of those leaving will be taking advantage of retirement or voluntary early separation deals, but many will simply be laid off.


“The second wave of layoffs will begin 3 days before Christmas. The company's union representatives say 281 more jobs will be let go on December 22.”


Indianapolis Patch: Carrier Corp. To Lay Off More Than 300 Employees 6-Months After Trump's Inauguration


CNN Money: Trump couldn't save these jobs at Carrier. Today is the end of the line.

“President Trump touted his deal to save jobs at a Carrier plant in Indianapolis last year as a win for the American manufacturing industry. But that victory didn't even extend to everyone at the factory.”


NBC News: Carrier Cuts More Than 300 at Factory Where Trump Boasted of Saving Jobs

“The individual factory became a favorite campaign topic for Trump. And in late November, before he was even inaugurated, Trump announced that he and Vice-President elect Mike Pence, the former governor of Indiana, had worked out a deal for Carrier to keep 1,100 jobs in the state. At the time pundits said the deal might augur a new era for Trumpian intervention in the markets to protect American worker interests. But so far it's been a one-off.


“Local officials said Carrier would receive $7 million in tax incentives in return for keeping some of the jobs in the state. As part of the deal, the company also promised to invest $16 million in the facility. The majority of it will go towards automation and result in net job loss, the CEO of Carrier's parent company, United Technologies, said in December.


Newsweek: The company Trump ‘saved’ lays off 338 workers as he celebrates six months in office


Bloomberg: Carrier Begins Job Cuts at Indiana Factory Championed by Trump


The Independent: Carrier factory where Trump promised to save jobs lays off hundreds of staff on President's 6-month anniversary


The Week: Thursday is the 6-month anniversary of Trump's presidency. It is also the day Carrier will lay off 338 people.


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