Trump’s Budget Will Hurt Working Families

“Once again Donald Trump fails to make good on his campaign promises by pushing a budget that will endanger America’s working families,” said DNC Deputy Communications Director Adrienne Watson. “Instead of protecting public education, health insurance, and other programs that help working Americans, President Trump is simply committed to make room for his massive tax cut for the rich.”


Later this week Donald Trump will roll out his budget for the upcoming year so he and Congressional Republicans can continue their assault on working families and the poor while pushing tax breaks for the wealthy. Here are the facts:


  • Medicaid is cut by $800 billion
  • Heating assistance which helps millions of working families and seniors afford their energy bills, will be eliminated.
  • Billions of dollars in cuts for public schools, college affordability programs, and teacher training
  • $193 billion is slashed from SNAP, which provides working families with assistance to buy food and other necessities


As Trump continues his push to take healthcare away from millions of working Americans and cut taxes for the wealthy, this budget is further proof that his priorities are exactly opposite of where our focus should be as a nation.