Trump’s Cabinet 2025: MAGA Extremist Tom Cotton in Charge of the Pentagon

Donald Trump surrounds himself with the most out-of-touch extremists he can find – and is already planning to fill his Cabinet with far-right MAGA fanatics ready to push his dangerous agenda. As Trump floats MAGA extremist Tom Cotton for secretary of defense, DNC Rapid Response Director Alex Floyd released the following statement:

“Tom Cotton wants to side with dictators over our allies, put anti-choice extremism ahead of our military readiness, and use military force against protestors – all of which have made him a favorite of Donald Trump to run the Pentagon. Cotton and Trump share the same dangerous and unpopular platform that would put America’s interests last. The American people know how reckless Trump’s MAGA foreign policy agenda would be, and have no interest in letting a far-right extremist like Cotton be in charge of our national defense.”

MAGA extremist Tom Cotton is reportedly being considered to be Trump’s pick for secretary of defense.

Axios: “Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas … would be considered to head the Pentagon.”

Semafor: “Cotton … is expected to be a candidate for secretary of defense.”

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette: “Cotton endorses Donald Trump’s presidential reelection bid.”

Cotton has defended Trump’s shameful comments encouraging Russia to attack our NATO allies, and both Cotton and Trump are siding with Putin over supporting Ukraine.

The Guardian: “Republicans say Trump call for Russia to attack Nato allies was just fine, actually”

“Tom Cotton echoes fellow GOP senators, saying former president was ‘simply ringing the warning bell’”

Cotton: “NATO countries that don’t spend enough on defense, like Germany, are already encouraging Russian aggression and President Trump is simply ringing the warning bell.”

Semafor: “​​In recent months, Senators Hagerty, Cotton and Rubio have also backed Trump’s public skepticism towards funding Ukraine.”

Cotton is an anti-abortion extremist who supported Tommy Tuberville’s monthslong blockade of military nominations and promotions.

Yellowhammer: “Cotton defends Tuberville military holds”

The Hill: “Cotton: Women in military should take leave if they want an abortion where it is banned”

2021: Cotton cosponsored a national abortion ban.

2022: Cotton voted against the omnibus spending bill that included reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act.

With Trump’s support, Cotton called for using military force against protestors.

Axios: “Trump backs Tom Cotton’s call to deploy military to quell protests”

USA Today: “’Abhorrent’ and ‘dangerous’: Sen. Cotton’s call for military response to protests receives criticism”

“In the op-ed, Cotton, a veteran Republican from Arkansas, calls on President Donald Trump to invoke the Insurrection Act and send the military into cities.”

Business Insider: “GOP Sen. Tom Cotton calls for the US Army’s toughest soldiers to quell ‘domestic terrorism’ and suggests protesters should be shown no mercy”

Washington Post: “After staff uproar, New York Times says Sen. Tom Cotton op-ed urging military incursion into U.S. cities ‘did not meet our standards’”