Trump’s Call For Unity Rang Hollow

Trump’s calls for unity in his State of the Union address were hollow. Instead, Trump continued to push his divisive, anti-immigrant agenda and made it clear that he has no intention of working with Democrats to accomplish real successes for American families.


Trump’s calls for unity in his State of the Union address rang hollow:


New York Times: “A Call for Bipartisanship With a Familiar Partisan Sting”


Politico: “Trump calls for unity — on his terms”


Politico: “His soaring rhetoric came with few signals that he was willing to compromise his core beliefs.”


NBC’s Jonathan Allen: “So far, this is a stump speech”


Vice News: “Despite that proclamation, the president’s rhetoric focused largely on an aggressively conservative agenda.”


NBC News: “But he offered little in the way concessions, suggesting instead that unity means opponents come to his position.”


Instead, Trump continued his divisive, anti-immigrant rhetoric:


Associated Press: “Trump appealed Tuesday night for bipartisanship but refused to yield on the hard-line immigration policies that have infuriated Democrats and forced the recent government shutdown.”


CNN’s Jim Acosta: “SOTU speeches are typically a laundry list of items from a president’s agenda.  This feels more like yet another Trump immigration speech that likely won’t change any minds in Congress.”


NBC’s Chuck Todd: “Most SOTUs are a bit disjointed; they usually sound like they were written by committee because they usually are. This speech seemed to truly lack a coherent theme… series of ideas and complaints with only immigration as a centerpiece”


Washington Post’s Robert Costa: “If you’re looking for a presidential pivot, recall that this tone and language on immigration is exactly what President Trump sounded like when he first launched his bid in 2015, almost four years ago. That was before Miller, before Bannon. This is who he is.”


Trump’s call for unity and bipartisanship was never serious — It was just another lie to the American people:


New York Times: “Before Expected Call for Unity, Trump Laced Into Democrats at Lunch for TV Anchors”


New York Times: “As he and his team drafted his address in recent days, he has groused about the text, complaining that it was too gentle on Democrats.”