Trump’s Coronavirus Approval Hits New Low

The American people know the truth about Trump’s coronavirus response: it’s been a failure. As the crisis continues to worsen, Trump’s approval rating keeps dropping.

Trump’s approval rating of his coronavirus response hit a new low.

  • “Only 39% of Americans approve of the president’s handling of the crisis – driven, largely, by waning support among independents – compared to 60% who disapprove.”

Voters trust Biden over Trump on coronavirus by a significant margin as Trump’s polling has “started to drop into danger territory.”

  • “By a sixteen-point margin, 55 – 39 percent, voters say they think Biden would do a better job than President Trump handling the response to the coronavirus.”

  • “The latest Fox News Poll finds voters trust Biden to do a better job than Trump on health care by 17 points, coronavirus by 9, and relations with China by 6.”

  • NBC News: “Two months since the coronavirus turned into a full-blown crisis, it’s not just that President Trump’s brief poll bump is gone. It’s that his numbers have started to drop into danger territory for a president facing re-election, according to a pair of new political surveys released in the last 24 hours.”

Americans overwhelmingly say Trump needs to do more to listen to health experts, ramp up testing, and provide a clear national plan.

AP-NORC Poll: “Overall, 62% percent think the president should be listening to health experts more in dealing with the coronavirus.”

Fox News Poll: “More than 6-in-10 voters say the lack of available testing (63 percent) and the lack of clear guidance from Washington (61 percent) are major problems.”