Trump’s Cruel Tactics Failed To Secure Border, But He’s Doubling Down

Secretary Nielsen’s legacy will be separating children from their families and lying to the American people about it — yet even that was not cruel enough for Trump. Trump’s cruel and ineffective tactics have only worsened the humanitarian crisis at the border, but he’s not changing course. In fact, he’s doubling down.


Trump has failed on the border.


NBC News: “Nielsen’s ouster underscores Trump’s failures on the border”


Washington Post: “President Trump is ratcheting up his attacks on immigration — making and then rescinding a threat to close the nation’s southern border in response to a problem that has worsened on his watch.”


Secretary Nielsen will be known for separating children from their families, but even she was not radical enough for Trump.


Vox: “Nielsen was the most aggressive DHS secretary in history. It wasn’t enough for Trump.”


Now, Trump plans to double down on his anti-immigrant agenda, and with Stephen Miller in charge he will make things even worse.


Politico: “As President Donald Trump roils the capital over illegal immigration, his influential aide Stephen Miller is playing a more aggressive behind-the-scenes role in a wider administration shakeup. Frustrated by the lack of headway on a signature Trump campaign issue, the senior White House adviser has been arguing for personnel changes to bring in more like-minded hardliners, according to three people familiar with the situation — including the ouster of a key immigration official at the Department of Homeland Security, whose secretary, Kirstjen Nielsen, announced on Sunday that she is resigning.”


Trump has already put shutting down the southern border back on the table, and wants to illegally revive his family separation policy.


NBC News: “President Donald Trump has for months urged his administration to reinstate large-scale separation of migrant families crossing the border, according to three U.S. officials with knowledge of meetings at the White House. … According to two of the sources, Nielsen told Trump that federal court orders prohibited the Department of Homeland Security from reinstating the policy, and that he would be reversing his own executive order from June that ended family separations.””


Trump: “More apprehensions (captures) at the Southern Border than in many years. Border Patrol amazing! Country is FULL! System has been broken for many years. Democrats in Congress must agree to fix loopholes – No Open Borders (Crimes & Drugs). Will Close Southern Border If necessary…”