Trump’s Disastrous Budget, The Facts

“This un-American budget proposal is rooted in unrealistic and bogus assumptions about our economy. Instead of offering up a blueprint that will lift up middle class and working families, Donald Trump’s budget will cause devastating pain and hardship to the very Americans he promised to help during his campaign. No one is more secure with a budget that endangers working families and weakens our economy.” – DNC Chairman Tom Perez


Today, Donald Trump unveiled his first comprehensive budget. Budgets are about priorities, and Trump’s first full budget submission makes clear that he puts the interests of the wealthy like those in his cabinet over working American families. Here are the facts:


Trump’s plan makes massive cuts to  Medicaid, college loans, public schools, middle and working class tax credits and other programs that help working parents and families – all to fund his massive tax giveaway to the wealthy.


  • Imperils the health of working families: Trump’s budget cuts hundreds of billions from Medicaid over the next 10 years. But he doesn’t stop there – Trump wants to cut hundreds of millions from children’s health insurance, medical research, disease prevention, and other programs critical to the health of Americans.


  • Attacks Planned Parenthood: For the first time in history, the president’s budget prohibits Planned Parenthood from participating in any program funded through Congress’s annual Labor-HHS bill. This includes Medicaid, the Title X program, HIV prevention grants, Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) grants, cancer screening programs and other critical health services offered by Planned Parenthood.


  • Is an assault on students, teachers and public education: Trump’s budget cuts funding to public schools and student loan support while shifting $1.4 billion to a “School choice” program that effectively puts the United States on a path to the privatization of public schools. 


  • Massive cuts to safety net programs: In addition to gutting Medicaid, Trump’s budget also attacks an array of programs that support working families – especially children – including SNAP food stamps, benefits for the disabled, children’s health insurance, and even the child tax credit and earned income tax credit.


  • Makes us less safe: Trump’s budget slashes critical funding for U.S. diplomacy and aid programs, reducing America’s ability to support peace abroad and in turn making us less safe at home.


  • Relies on unrealistic growth projections: Trump’s path to a balanced budget relies on an unrealistic GDP projection well above CBO projections over the next 10 years. Without this unprecedented and unverified GDP – this budget ends up$500 billion in the red.