Trump’s Ego-Driven Convention Had Another Terrible Week

Trump’s dangerous, chaotic convention is creating quite a few headaches at the RNC. From a home state governor sabotaging fundraising efforts to slapdash plans for an outdoor convention in dangerously hot weather, it’s no wonder U.S. senators don’t want to attend and Jacksonville residents don’t want it to happen.

Ron DeSantis is actively sabotaging the convention’s fundraising efforts.

New York Times: “Mr. DeSantis, a Republican, has directed his top fund-raiser, Heather Barker, to tell donors not to give to the convention because of a personal dispute between the governor and Susie Wiles, his former campaign manager who is serving as an informal adviser to the convention planners, according to multiple people familiar with his actions.”

New York Times: “The governor’s threat to hold up resources in his own state was seen by Republican officials as a stunning act of political pettiness by Mr. DeSantis, who had campaigned to bring the convention to Florida, aiming to celebrate a president whose backing elevated him to his current position.”

Officials are considering moving the convention outside. In Jacksonville. In late August.

Washington Post: “The Republican convention in Jacksonville, Fla., next month could be moved to an outdoor stadium as cases of the novel coronavirus in the state increase, according to several officials with knowledge of the plans.”

National Weather Service: On August 27, 2019 — one year before Trump’s RNC speech — the temperature in Jacksonville reached 93 degrees, with 1.43 inches of rain.

A growing list of Republican senators — including Mitch McConnell — are signaling they won’t attend.

Axios: “At least five GOP senators have said they will not attend next month’s Republican National Convention in Jacksonville, Florida and more are rethinking their visits.”

MCCONNELL: “I think the convention is a challenging situation and a number of my colleagues have announced that they’re not going to attend. And we’ll have to wait and see how things look in late August to determine whether or not you can safely convene that many people.”

ROBERTS: “I will probably not be.”

The Hill: “Several others have either not made a decision or not publicly committed to attending, including Sens. Cory Gardner (Colo.), Thom Tillis (N.C.) and Martha McSally (Ariz.), who are each in battleground Senate races.”

Jacksonville residents don’t want the convention to happen either and filed a lawsuit to block it.

First Coast News: “A lawsuit filed Wednesday by seven Downtown Jacksonville residents and business owners is seeking to block the Republican National Convention from coming to the city.”

Plaintiff: “We’re being made guinea pigs. It is just startling that Jacksonville is being treated as the one group of chumps willing to take an event no one else wants … whose participants are so unconcerned about this pandemic that they refuse to listen to the previous city’s efforts to try to protect against it. I think it’s starling that we’re being used as the unwilling victims of a political effort to deny the reality of this pandemic.”