Trump’s Failed Response Led To Record Surge In New Cases

Trump’s failed coronavirus response has led to a record surge in new cases and inadequate contact tracing to contain the virus. While Trump protects himself, he has left the American people vulnerable to the virus.

Dr. Fauci said contact tracing is “not going well” after the Trump administration failed to provide an adequate national testing strategy.

CNBC: “There’s just a handful of interventions proven to curb the spread of the coronavirus. One of them is contact tracing, and ‘it’s not going well,’ White House health advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci said Friday.”

CNBC: “In lieu of federal leadership on tracing, underfunded and overwhelmed local health departments have scrambled to get the necessary systems in place, contact tracing specialists who previously spoke with CNBC said.”

Trump’s failed coronavirus response has led to a record surge in new infections. In fact, only two states are reporting a decline in cases.

Washington Post: “With Trump leading the way, America’s coronavirus failures exposed by record surge in new infections”

CNN: “Only two US states are reporting a decline in new coronavirus cases compared to last week: Connecticut and Rhode Island. A rise was reported in a staggering 36 states, including Florida, which some experts have cautioned could be the next epicenter for infections.”

Trump continues to hold a different standard for protecting himself than he does for the rest of the country.

CNN: “President Donald Trump appears ready to move on from a still-raging coronavirus pandemic — skipping the first White House task force briefing in months and moving the event out of the White House itself. But the measures meant to protect him from catching the virus have scaled up dramatically.”

The Trump campaign reversed measures meant to encourage social distancing at his rally and Pence had more than 100 people perform for him without masks.

Washington Post: “In the hours before President Trump’s rally in Tulsa, his campaign directed the removal of thousands of ‘Do Not Sit Here, Please!’ stickers from seats in the arena that were intended to establish social distance between rallygoers, according to video and photos obtained by The Washington Post and a person familiar with the event.”

CNN: “A choir of more than 100 people performed without masks at a robustly attended event in Texas at the First Baptist Church in Dallas on Sunday that featured a speech by Vice President Mike Pence.”