Trump’s Failed Trade Policy Continues To Hurt Farmers: ‘It Crushes Me’

Despite Trump’s promises and claims of success with his China “deal,” his failed trade policy is hurting farmers and manufacturers across the country.

Trump’s erratic trade policy “backfired” and led to job losses, higher prices, and a manufacturing recession.

MarketWatch: “President Donald Trump’s strategy to use import tariffs to protect and boost U.S. manufacturers backfired and led to job losses and higher prices, according to a Federal Reserve study released this week.”

New York Times: “Manufacturing is slumping, a fact economists attribute at least partly to uncertainty stemming from the trade spats, and business investment has suffered as corporate executives wait to see how — or if — the tensions will end.”

Farmers feel crushed and manufacturers are forced to cut corners as a result of Trump’s failed trade policy.

“It crushes me. We’ve lost a lot of farms in the Northeast. Every single one of those farmers was a neighbor and a friend to us.” – New York farmer

“I don’t have a year to wait out a trade war. I don’t have the reserve to be under siege that long.” – New York farmer

“President Trump said that we’re all going to need to go buy bigger tractors. I don’t think many farmers are going to invest much money until we see that this is a done deal and a long-term deal.” – North Dakota farmer

“I would 10 times rather have a market than to have somebody give me a few dollars cash and then brag about it.” – Missouri farmer

“[The government] got us here. So they need to help us. As I’m in the combine, and you have the radio on, and then you hear the markets, and I’m thinking: I’m doing all this work, as this corn goes in, and we’re only getting this much. You kind of think, is it worth it?” – Iowa farmer

“In relation to tariffs, it’s really been like Mr. Trump’s wild ride. It’s like somebody is holding a stone over your head. Please don’t ask me to thank you for not dropping it on my head. You shouldn’t be holding the rock over my head to begin with.” – Florida small business owner

“Our manufacturers are going to have to cut corners to keep prices from going up. It’s hard to have a positive attitude when our tariffs are still there.” – Texas small business owner

“I imagine most farmers are like me, they’re just kind of in limbo just waiting to see what happens.” – Mississippi farmer

“The agricultural system is completely broken” because of the trade war, severe weather and mounting farm debt. – Iowa farmer