Trump’s Foreign Policy Is Trump First, America Last

Pompeo said tonight that Trump “has put his America First vision into action,” but Trump’s foreign policy has always been led by a policy of Trump first, America last.

Virtually every foreign policy decision Trump makes is driven by political interests.

Trump’s Former National Security Adviser John Bolton: “I am hard-pressed to identify any significant Trump decision during my tenure that wasn’t driven by reelection calculations.”

Washington Post’s Brian Klaas: “Trump Has Turned U.S. Foreign Policy Into A Subsidiary Of His Reelection Campaign”

Trump sold out U.S. interests to China for a deal he thought would aid his reelection.

Washington Post: “Trump Asked China’s Xi To Help Him Win Reelection, According To Bolton Book”

Trump’s foreign policy was clouded by his international business conflicts.

Open Secrets: “Trump’s Business Entanglements Continue To Leave Him With Positions, Assets, Trademarks And Other Business Interests In More Than 30 Countries.”

NBC News: “Donald Trump’s Longtime Business Connections In Turkey Back In The Spotlight”