Trump’s Health Care Sabotage Targets Vulnerable Communities

 Trump’s health care sabotage could already cause many Americans to lose access to care and the cost of insurance to increase. Now he’s planning to reverse more health care protections, a decision that will “target two of the nation’s most underrepresented and vulnerable communities.”


The Trump administration plans to reverse health care protections for transgender individuals and Native Americans.


Axios: “The Trump administration has plans to reverse Obama-era health care rules that currently protect transgender individuals from discrimination and decades-old exemptions that shelter Native Americans from certain burdensome federal health requirements.”


Trump’s decision to promote short-term insurance plans could result in higher costs and lead to more uninsured Americans.


The Hill: “The nation's largest trade group for health insurance companies is sounding the alarm on a proposal from the Trump administration that would expand the sale of plans that cover fewer services. America's Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) says the proposal could lead to more people being uninsured or underinsured and result in higher health-care costs in the long run.”