Trump’s Infrastructure Plan Falls Short for Wisconsin Taxpayers

Today Governor Scott Walker met with Donald Trump to discuss Trump’s infrastructure plan and funding for projects in Wisconsin. In response, DNC Midwest Press Secretary Mandy McClure released the following statement:


“Today, Wisconsin’s bridges and highways are among the nation’s most deteriorated after years of neglect by policymakers like Scott Walker who prioritize special-interest profits at the expense of Wisconsin workers. By failing to commit significant federal funding, Trump’s infrastructure plan neglects some of Wisconsin’s most pressing infrastructure needs. It is time for Scott Walker to get serious about finding a viable solution to fixing Wisconsin’s deteriorating bridges and highways – another Trump-Walker photo op in the White House simply doesn’t cut it.”


Here’s a look at what we know about Trump’s infrastructure plan so far:


Trump has repeatedly failed to live up to his promise to prioritize America’s infrastructure.


Politico: “Weeks before the election, his ‘action plan’ for his first 100 days in office increased the pledge to ‘$1 trillion in infrastructure investment over 10 years,’ from both public and private money. Then the 100-day time frame came and went.”


The Trump tax makes infrastructure financing more expensive.


Brookings: “By increasing the cost to finance infrastructure for states and local governments, the recently enacted Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) will lower investment in our nation’s infrastructure. This runs counter to President Trump’s repeated desire to tackle the major problems associated with America’s crumbling infrastructure through increased investment. The impact may be large and immediate enough to swamp the short-term impact of any infrastructure package Congress can put together in the immediate future.”


Trump’s infrastructure plan prioritizes profits for private developers over the needs of working families.


CNBC: “The plan will use public-private partnerships to fund up to 80 percent of the bill, NBC News said, citing sources who have seen Trump's proposal.”


CBS News: “But there's one major hole in the White House's proposal — Mr. Trump's plan relies almost entirely on funding from entities outside the control of the federal government. Only $200 billion of the $1.5 trillion proposal would come from new federal funding.”


Trump’s infrastructure plan overlooks some of the most pressing needs across our nation.


Vox: “There are also some notable omissions, including no mention of an increase in the gas tax to give an infusion to the struggling Highway Trust Fund, which pays for surface transportation and hasn’t increased in more than two decades.”


Trump’s infrastructure plan slashes funding from existing transportation and infrastructure programs.


Huffington Post: “Rather than creating new sources of revenue, such calling for an increase in the federal gas tax ― which is supported by groups like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce ― White House aides have suggested that lawmakers pay for Trump’s infrastructure proposal by cutting funding from other transportation programs like Amtrak or the Highway Trust Fund. To that end, the White House on Monday is slated to release its 2019 fiscal year budget, which is expected to renew the call for deep cuts to domestic programs like transportation.”


CBS News: “He’s calling for a $1.5 trillion infrastructure package that would likely redirect $200 million in existing funds from Amtrak and transit programs while calling for hundreds of millions more from cities, states and the private sector. But private investment requires projects that make money, like toll roads, which are typically in urban areas.”