Trump’s Made in America Week Already A Disaster

Trump deemed this “Made in America” week, but that already seems like a distant memory. While it might have been short lived, it did not go well, as Trump’s administration couldn’t defend his Made in America hypocrisy:

Trump’s “Made in America” week started off as a disaster:

 “Made In America Week enjoyed a nice 8 hour run.”U.S. News and World Report’s David Catanese

“Well, ‘Made in America’ week seems to be off to a good start.”Five Thirty Eight’s Ben Casselman

“So how's everyone's ‘Made in America’ week going so far?”Politico’s Nick Juliano

“Remember Show & Tell in elementary school? That was basically 'Made In America' Day at the White House for President Trump” – Now This News

Trump’s administration was not able to defend the hypocrisy of “Made in America” week, when Trump outsources his own products:

“On ‘Made in America Week,’ White House fields questions about what’s not: Trump products” – Yahoo News’ Hunter Walker

“’Made in America’ week renews the focus on Trump goods that are manufactured overseas” – NBC News

“Trump-branded items notably absent from ‘Made in America’ week event” – CBS News

For ‘Made in America’ week, Stephanie Ruhle asks Trump: “Will you practice what you preach,” and sell American-made products at Trump Tower? MSNBC

“Official White House position: companies that outsource production are bad, except Trump companies, which can't find good help around here.”Toronto Star’s Daniel Dale

“’Made in America’ theme week at the White House? Are they kidding?  Their own election wasn't even made in America.” Former Bush White House ethics chief Richard Painter

“Spicer argues against 'Made in America' protectionism – for Trump's businesses” CNBC’s John Harwood

“Spicer says ‘inappropriate’ to discuss the Trump's businesses

“The President has visited & advertised his businesses 54 times as POTUS” CNBC’s Steve Kopack

Trump couldn’t even get out of his own way, cutting programs that help U.S. firms compete abroad, increasing visas for foreign workers used at Trump properties, and using a pen made in China to sign his “Made in America” proclamation (seriously, you can’t make this up):

“Pens used by Pres Trump to sign bills and proclamations such as ‘Made in America,’ partially made in China and assembled in US.”CBS News’ Mark Knoller

As Trump touts ‘Made in America,’ WH seeks to cut office U.S. firms say helps them compete.” – Washington Post’s Matea Gold and Drew Harwell

“DHS will allow more seasonal foreign workers — announced on Trump's ‘made in America’ week kickoff” – CNN’s Tal Kopan and Eli Watkins