Trump’s MAGA Veepstakes: Anti-Choice Extremist Kristi Noem is a Champion of Trump’s Dangerous Agenda

As Trump VP contender Kristi Noem speaks at the Turning Point Action conference in Michigan, DNC Spokesperson Aida Ross released the following statement:

“Kristi Noem is a proud champion of Donald Trump’s toxic MAGA agenda, in lockstep with him on ripping away freedoms and threatening our democracy. Her extremist credentials include endorsing cruel abortion bans with no exceptions for rape or incest, backing Trump’s MAGAnomics tax scam that rigged the economy for the ultra-wealthy, refusing to acknowledge Trump’s role in inciting a violent insurrection on January 6, and shooting her dog. The American people want none of it, and will reject this kind of MAGA extremism in November.”

Kristi Noem, still desperately auditioning to be Donald Trump’s vice president, is in total lockstep with his extreme MAGA agenda…

Noem: “I love that man because he did everything he said he was going to do.”

The Hill: “Noem says she would be Trump’s running mate ‘in a heartbeat’”

CNN: “‘Of course, I would consider it,’ Noem told Fox News host Sean Hannity recently when asked if she would be Trump’s vice president.”

Axios: “South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem endorses Trump”

…whether it’s supporting cruel abortion bans… 

Dana Bash, CNN: “Do you think there should be exceptions for rape and incest, for example?”

Noem: “… I just don’t believe a tragedy should perpetuate another tragedy.”

CNN: “South Dakota governor defends state’s abortion ‘trigger’ ban when asked if 10-year-old should be forced to give birth”

Argus Leader: “Pro-life advocates and Gov. Kristi Noem are lauding the South Dakota Legislature for further bolstering the state’s already strict anti-abortion laws this legislative session, steps necessary for states to take if abortion will ever be completely illegal in the United States, they say. … Noem told the Argus Leader this week that she is an absolutist on the topic, not even compromising in the event of rape or incest.”

Associated Press: “The Republican governor and South Dakota Attorney General Marty Jackley released a letter to South Dakota pharmacists saying they are ‘subject to felony prosecution’ if they procure or dispense abortion-inducing drugs.” 

…supporting Trump’s efforts to stop the strongest bipartisan border deal in decades…

Forbes: “‘Terrible Bill’: Kristi Noem Slams Bipartisan Border Deal”

Noem: “It’s a terrible bill that I think President Trump is exactly right, it should not pass.”

…voting to repeal the Affordable Care Act and end Medicare as we know it…

WNAX: “SD Congresswoman Kristi Noem Supports Obamacare Repeal”

Washington Post: “Other potential entrants in the Republican primary, such as former secretary of state Mike Pompeo, Sen. Tim Scott (S.C.) and South Dakota Gov. Kristi L. Noem, also voted for Ryan’s [proposal to cut and privatize Medicare] when they were in Congress.”

…refusing to acknowledge Trump’s role in inciting a violent mob to attack the Capitol on January 6…

Associated Press: “South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem on Wednesday defended Donald Trump’s legacy as president while refusing to say whether he held any responsibility in goading the mob that attacked the Capitol.”

…doubling down on her support for the gun lobby, including in the wake of devastating mass shootings…

Argus Leader: “Kristi Noem says ‘I am the NRA’ ahead of speech at NRA 2023 national convention”

Argus Leader: “Gov. Kristi Noem signs executive order amid speech at NRA convention”

Dakota News Now: “Noem to speak at national NRA forum days after Texas school shooting”

Rapid City Journal: “Gov. Noem signs ‘stand your ground’ bill”

Associated Press: “Gov. Kristi Noem signs ‘constitutional carry’ bill into law”

…denying climate change…

Reporter: “Do you think the climate is changing?”

Noem: “I think that the science has been varied on it, and it hasn’t been proven to me that what we’re doing is affecting the climate.”

Associated Press: “Noem joins lawsuit challenging social cost of climate change”

South Dakota Public Broadcasting: “The State of South Dakota is leaving millions of federal dollars on the table that could be spent on reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It’s one of four states that won’t access that money funded by the Inflation Reduction Act.”

…and helping craft Trump’s MAGAnomics tax scam that rigged the economy for the ultra-wealthy and big corporations.

Noem: “When I was in Congress, I had the tremendous honor of being on the conference committee that ironed out the final details of President Trump’s tax cuts.”