Trump’s MAGA Veepstakes: Trump Thinks Abortion Bans Are “A Beautiful Thing to Watch” – And His VP Contenders Agree

In response to Donald Trump saying cruel abortion bans are “a beautiful thing to watch” while threatening access to medication abortion – all with the support of his VP contenders, DNC spokesperson Aida Ross released the following statement: 

“Donald Trump thinks cruel abortion bans with no exceptions are a ‘beautiful thing to watch’ – that’s why his VP contenders are all anti-choice extremists who are hellbent on banning abortion nationwide just like he is. Trump’s potential running mates are all falling in line as he doubles down on his extreme anti-choice agenda, standing behind him as he proudly takes credit for brutal abortion bans with no exceptions for rape or incest and that are turning away women from emergency rooms. Once again, Trump is making it clear that the only way to stop him and his MAGA minions from ripping away women’s freedoms is at the ballot box this November.” 

Donald Trump is doubling down on his extreme anti-choice agenda as he calls cruel abortion bans “a beautiful thing to watch” – and he’s leaving the  door open to go even further by threatening access to medication abortion.  

The Hill: “Trump: States enacting individual abortion laws ‘a beautiful thing to watch’”

CNN: “Trump vowed to make an announcement on abortion medication. It’s not coming anytime soon”

Trump is looking for an anti-abortion extremist to be his running mate as pushes a cruel anti-choice agenda to rip away women’s freedoms.

NBC News: “Abortion is a top concern for Trump as he considers his VP pick”

Associated Press: “Trump says he will support national ban on abortions around 15 weeks of pregnancy”

Rolling Stone: “Trump Claims Credit for All Abortion Bans”

Trump: “There of course remains a vital role for the federal government in protecting unborn life. And it’s very important.” 

Rolling Stone: “Trump Says He’s ‘Proud’ to Have ‘Terminated’ Abortion Rights”

Trump: “After 50 years of failure, with nobody coming even close, I was able to kill Roe v. Wade, much to the ‘shock’ of everyone … Without me there would be no 6 weeks, 10 weeks, 15 weeks, or whatever is finally agreed to. Without me the pro Life movement would have just kept losing. Thank you President TRUMP!!!”

Trump: “I was proudly the person responsible for the ending of … Roe v. Wade.”

Trump’s VP contenders have long records of pushing to ban medication abortion across the country.  

Tennessee Lookout: “A total of 145 members of Congress from 36 states, who opposed access to mifepristone remaining as it is today, submitted their own 39-page brief in the case, calling on the Supreme Court to limit access.”

Signers include: Katie Britt, Marsha Blackburn, Mike Lee, Marco Rubio, Elise Stefanik, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Michael Waltz.

Cindy Hyde-Smith: “U.S. Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith (R-Miss.) and Congressman Bob Latta (R-Ohio) today reintroduced their Support and Value Expectant (SAVE) Moms and Babies Act to strengthen federal controls over the regulation and distribution of chemical abortion drugs.

“The 31 original cosponsors of the Senate measure include: … Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.), … Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) … Mike Lee (R-Utah), … Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) … Tim Scott (R-S.C.) … Michael Waltz (R-Fla.).”

Tim Scott: “U.S. Senator Tim Scott introduced legislation to protect the sanctity of human life by prohibiting chemical abortions from being performed without the supervision of a healthcare provider.”

NPR: “As medication abortion becomes dominant, red states restrict pills”

“In South Dakota, Gov. Kristi Noem recently signed legislation designed to restrict access to the drugs.”

The Hill: “Ramaswamy: Supreme Court should rule against FDA approval of abortion pill”

The Hill: “A group of 69 Republican members of Congress filed a brief urging an appeals court to uphold the decision of a federal judge in Texas last week that would halt the prescription of a widely used abortion pill, after over 200 congressional Democrats lobbied for a reversal of the ruling.

“The 11 Republican senators who signed on … included Sens. Marco Rubio (Fla.) and Rick Scott (Fla.).”

Support and Value Expectant (SAVE) Moms and Babies Act: “This bill prohibits the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) from approving any new drug (either as a brand-name drug or a generic) intended to terminate a pregnancy and imposes additional restrictions on such drugs that are already approved.

“Under the bill, an already-approved drug intended to terminate a pregnancy may be dispensed to a patient only with a prescription. Furthermore, the FDA may not approve any labeling change that would authorize (1) using the drug after 70 days of gestation, or (2) dispensing the drug by any means other than in-person administration by the prescribing health care practitioner.” 

Cosponsors include: Elise Stefanik.

Elise Stefanik Letters Co-Signed, SBA Pro-Life America: “This pro-life amicus brief asks the Supreme Court of the United States to deny a stay on a 5th Circuit ruling that would have returned chemical abortion drugs to the 2016 safety protocols, ending reckless and illegal mail-order abortion.”

Trump says he is “proudly responsible” for overturning Roe v. Wade, which paved the way for extreme attacks on reproductive freedoms, including putting medication abortion access at risk.

Trump: “I was proudly the person responsible for the ending of … Roe v. Wade.”

NBC News: “In an unprecedented move, U.S. District Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk on Friday suspended the Food and Drug Administration’s longtime approval of key abortion pill mifepristone.”

CNBC: “Kacsmaryk, appointed to the federal bench by former President Donald Trump in 2019, previously worked for the Christian conservative legal group First Liberty Institute and has espoused socially conservative views on LGBTQ rights and abortion.”

NPR: “A federal appeals court ruled Wednesday that mifepristone, one of two pills used in medication abortions, should not be prescribed past seven weeks of pregnancy or via telemedicine. … A three judge panel of the 5th Circuit heard arguments in the case in May. All three judges were appointed by Republicans. Two are Trump appointees, one was appointed by George W. Bush.”

Trump and his MAGA minions’ agenda to rip away medication abortion access isn’t just dangerous — it’s deeply unpopular.

Axios: “More than 7 in 10 Americans support access to medication abortion, and even more back the Food and Drug Administration’s ability to regulate drugs, a new Axios-Ipsos poll finds.

“There’s widespread support for letting women obtain drugs for medication abortion from their doctor or a clinic, with 72% supporting — including half of Republicans.”

Pew Research: “Broad Public Support for Legal Abortion Persists 2 Years After Dobbs”

“About six-in-ten (63%) say abortion should be legal in all or most cases. This share has grown 4 percentage points since 2021 – the year prior to the 2022 decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization that overturned Roe.

“Since before Roe was overturned, both parties have seen a modest uptick in the share who say abortion should be legal.

“Americans say medication abortion should be legal rather than illegal by a margin of more than two-to-one (54% vs. 20%).”