Trump’s Midterm Strategy: Lies, Lies, And More Lies

Trump is a liar, we already know that. But as the midterms approach, Trump’s lies have increased at an exponential rate. Trump is desperate to change the subject away from health care, Medicare and Social Security — vital programs voters know Republicans will gut — so Trump tries to cover up the truth and scare Republicans into voting.


TRUMP LIES TO GET VOTES: Trump’s lies are getting even more blatant ahead of the midterm elections.

Yahoo Finance: “This Might Be Trump’s Boldest Lie Yet”

Washington Post: “‘In The Service Of Whim’: Officials Scramble To Make Trump’s False Assertions Real”

TRUMP LIED ABOUT THE CARAVAN: Trump and White House aides admitted that he was just making up claims about the immigrant caravan.

Associated Press: “Asked for evidence of his claim during a bill signing Tuesday, Trump says, ‘There’s no proof of anything.’ But he says ‘they could very well be’ in the caravan.”

Daily Beast: “Much of it is mistruths and embellishments, but Trumpland could care less.  ‘It doesn’t matter if it’s 100 percent accurate,’ a senior Trump administration official told The Daily Beast. ‘This is the play.’”

TRUMP LIED ABOUT TAX CUTS: Trump invented a new tax cut proposal to try to dupe voters ahead of the midterms.

Trump: “We are looking at putting in a very major tax cut for middle-income people.  And if we do that, it’ll be sometime just prior, I would say, to November. A major tax cut.  We are going to be putting in, and are studying very deeply right now, around the clock, a major tax cut for middle-income people.”

New York Times: “Trump Is Not Going To Cut Middle-Class Taxes This Year, Despite What He Says”

TRUMP LIED ABOUT PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS: Trump lied that Republicans would protect people with pre-existing conditions.

CNN: “Trump: ‘All Republicans’ Support Pre-Existing Conditions, But White House Policy Says Otherwise”

NBC News Fact Check: “Trump Claims GOP Is Protecting People With Pre-Existing Conditions. Evidence Says Otherwise.”


TRUMP LIED ABOUT VOTER FRAUD: Trump repeated his debunked claim that illegal voting was happening throughout the country.

Bloomberg: “Trump said that Democrats want ‘illegals’ to be able to vote, adding, ‘and by the way, you go to California, don’t worry about it, they vote anyway. And they’re not supposed to.’  ‘You’ve got so many voting illegally in this country, it’s a disgrace,’ he said, adding that Americans everywhere should be required to present ID to cast a ballot.”

Washington Post Fact Checker: “The White House continues to provide zero evidence to back up its claims of voter fraud. Officials instead retreat to the same bogus talking points that have been repeatedly shown to be false.”


TRUMP LIED ABOUT TARIFFS: Trump claimed “we don’t have tariffs,” despite tariffs on steel, aluminum, and $250 billion in Chinese goods.

Trump: “Where do we have tariffs? We don’t have tariffs anywhere.”

Wall Street Journal: “The U.S. this year imposed tariffs on steel, aluminum, washers and solar panels, as well as tariffs on an additional $250 billion of Chinese imports.”

TRUMP LIED ABOUT JOBS: Trump made up hundreds of billions of dollars worth of Saudi defense orders and resulting jobs.

PolitiFact: “Trump said that Saudi Arabia has ordered $450 billion from U.S. companies, including $110 billion in military contracts, representing over a million jobs. Orders on that scale don’t exist.”