Trump’s Opioid Plan: All Talk, No Action

Trump’s speech yesterday laying out his long-awaited plan to combat the opioid crisis was more of the same: A lot of talk, but no action. His plan is short on specifics; some of his proposals are “way off track;” and he announced no clear funding plan, while he simultaneously wants to cut key sources of funding for opioid treatment. We’re not the only ones saying it… see for yourself:


Los Angeles Times: “Trump talks up combating opioids, yet his funding shortfall and Medicaid cuts would blunt his plans


CBS News: “Trump to roll out plan to combat opioids with no clear funding plan


Newsweek: “Trump's Opioid Plan Is Too Little, Too Late For State He Once Called A 'Drug-Infested Den'”


New York Times: “Trump Offers Tough Talk but Few Details in Unveiling Plan to Combat Opioids”


Vox: “And there are some vague promises on increasing access to addiction treatment and adopting harm reduction approaches. There’s a lot of uncertainty here.”


Mother Jones: “Trump Doesn’t Understand the Opioid Crisis. Just Check Out His Latest Proposal.”


Bangor Daily News: “Trump talks up combating opioids, yet funding cuts would blunt his plans


Portland Press Herald Editorial: “Trump’s plan to fight opioid epidemic is way off track


San Diego Union Tribune Editorial: “Trump opioid plan: After 14 months, where are the specifics? Editorial: “If, however, the president indulges his instinct to attack the problem mainly with an enforcement sledgehammer – for instance by pressing for the death penalty for drug dealers – he is likely to grab headlines but do little to reverse what has become a national calamity.”


Bloomberg Editorial: “Another speech, another lost opportunity for real leadership.”