Trump’s Own Party Begs Him Not To Shut Down The Border

Trump continues to stand by his threat to shut down the southern border, despite the fact that it would be ineffective in reducing the flow of immigrants seeking asylum and would have devastating economic impacts. Even Republicans are begging him not to follow through with his reckless proposal.


Senator McConnell said shutting down the border would be “catastrophic.”


Politico: “Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, in a rebuke to President Donald Trump, said on Tuesday that closing the border between the United States and Mexico would potentially be ‘catastrophic.’”

Trump’s top economic advisers warned that shutting down the border even for a single day could severely damage the economy.

Politico: “Both Kevin Hassett and Larry Kudlow, the president’s top economic advisers, have shared papers and data with Trump over the last 36 hours, illustrating the way economic growth could slow even if the president shut down the border for just one day — not to mention the effect on the flow of goods, raw materials and the U.S. supply chain.”


Washington Post: “A senior White House official said Trump has been bombarded with a number of advisers warning against closing the border and that the current plan is not to close it during his Friday visit.”


CNN: “Trump has been repeatedly warned by officials that shutting down the US-Mexico border could result in billions of dollars in economic losses, destabilize border towns and cities, and do little to stem the flow of migrants across the southern border, multiple current and former administration officials told CNN.”


Even Trump himself has acknowledged this political stunt would have “a negative effect on the economy.”


New York Times: “Trump Vows to Close Border, Even if It Hurts the Economy”

CNBC: “Asked at the White House whether shutting the border would hurt the U.S. economy, Trump replied, ‘Sure, it will have a negative effect on the economy,’ noting that Mexico is ‘a very big trading partner.’”