Trump’s Project 2025 Agenda Would Hurt Black Americans 

DNC Senior Spokesperson Marcus W. Robinson released the following statement: 

“Donald Trump and his extreme, far-right Project 2025 allies have made it clear that in a second term, they will make America a dangerous and dystopian reality for Black Americans. The Black community suffered under Trump’s MAGA extremism, and now the looming threat of his Project 2025 plans include a draconian abortion ban that disproportionately affects women of color, ripping away lower prescription drug costs and health care access that has increased insurance rates for Black Americans to a record high, slashing funding for education, and gutting programs that help families make ends meet. Trump’s Project 2025 agenda is just more evidence that in this election, the stakes could not be higher for Black Americans.”

Trump’s Project 2025 allies are plotting to rip away Black women’s reproductive health care by banning abortion nationwide and restricting access to contraception and medication abortion.

Politico: “As president, Trump enacted several policies that made it more difficult for people, particularly the working class and the poor, to obtain contraception — from allowing more employers to opt out of birth control coverage in their workers’ health insurance to imposing restrictions on the Title X family planning program that triggered a mass exodus of clinics.

“Conservative allies want to reimpose those policies and go further if he wins in November. Their “Project 2025” blueprint includes proposals to require coverage of natural family planning methods and remove requirements that insurance cover certain emergency contraception.” 

As part of their 2025 wish list, conservatives want to overhaul which forms of birth control insurance companies must cover for patients at no cost under the Affordable Care Act. For instance, they have drafted plans to allow insurers to drop coverage of the emergency contraceptive pill Ella, which some on the right believe is an abortifacient.

Associated Press: “Women of color advocating for abortion access pointed out that restricting access to mifepristone could worsen racial health disparities. They argue that individuals of color and pregnant people from marginalized communities are more likely to face systemic barriers that limit their access to abortion and other reproductive health care. As a result, they rely on methods like medication abortion.”

CapitalB: “Black women are especially vulnerable in our hostile anti-abortion landscape. They receive about one-third of all abortions in the country, and are far more likely than white women to die from pregnancy-related issues. Some Republican-led states also are targeting in vitro fertilization as part of their wider struggle to limit reproductive rights, tearing open a ‘Pandora’s Box for Black women,’ who are plagued by infertility more than other groups.”

Rolling Stone: “Inside the MAGA Plan to Attack Birth Control, Surveil Women and Ban the Abortion Pill”

“GOP operatives have already crafted an expansive blueprint, 887 pages long, laying out in painstaking detail how they intend to govern, including plans to leverage virtually every arm, tool and agency of the federal government to attack abortion access.”

Project 2025 wants to take Trump’s disastrous tax cuts — which rigged the economy for the ultra-rich and left working Black families behind — even further.

BBC: “[Project 2025] calls for… sweeping tax cuts. … The economic advisers suggest that a second Trump administration should slash corporate and income taxes, abolish the Federal Reserve and even consider a return to gold-backed currency.”

Vox: “Trump said this tax break was for small businesses. It’s giving $17 billion to millionaires this year”

New York Times: “White Americans Gain the Most From Trump’s Tax Cuts, a Report Finds”

“White Americans earn about 77 percent of total income in the United States, but they are getting nearly 80 percent of the benefits of the individual and business tax cuts generated by the new law, the analysis found. African Americans received about 5 percent of the benefits, despite earning 6 percent of the nation’s income.

“As a result, the average tax cut going to a white American household is more than double one going to a black or Latino one.”

Project 2025 wants to end Medicare as we know it, and they and other MAGA Republicans want to gut Medicaid and restrict access to affordable health care. 

Rolling Stone: “Republicans Are Planning to Totally Privatize Medicare — And Fast”

“One item buried in the 887-page blueprint has attracted little attention thus far, but would have a monumental impact on the health of America’s seniors and the future of one of America’s most popular social programs: a call to ‘make Medicare Advantage the default enrollment option’ for people who are newly eligible for Medicare.”

Politico: “Red states hopeful for a 2nd Trump term prepare to curtail Medicaid”

“Republicans in half a dozen states have a request for a second Trump administration: Require low-income adults to work for free government health care.

“In places like Idaho, Missouri and South Dakota, GOP officials are laying the groundwork to substantially overhaul their health safety-net programs. Their plans, if approved by a Trump White House, could cut hundreds of thousands of people from a program that conservatives have long complained is bloated…”

CapitalB: “Project 2025 mentions that states should have the ability to impose work requirements on Medicaid, which helps to cover medical costs for low-income people. Several Republican-led states, including Idaho, Missouri, and South Dakota, are already making plans to restructure their Medicaid programs — just in case Trump wins in November. Research shows that mandating work requirements only fuels racial inequality, given the discrimination against Black Americans that exists in the low-wage market. Compared with white Americans, Black Americans are about half as likely to be called back for an entry-level job, meaning that they’d be disproportionately burdened by work requirements. Plus, reforms to Medicaid and other social safety net programs have long been tied to stereotypes that portray Black Americans as lazy or scheming — recall the ‘welfare queen’ trope of the 1970s.”

Project 2025 wants to roll back several Biden-Harris administration education policies that help Black Americans achieve equal opportunity, including student debt relief and the Title I Program.

CapitalB: “Project 2025 advocates for rolling back the Biden administration’s more recent student debt relief efforts, which are rooted in the power that the Higher Education Act of 1965 grants to the U.S. Department of Education to ‘compromise, waive, or release loans.’ The policy agenda claims that the administration is ‘acting outside of statutory authority.’ The administration has eliminated some $138 billion worth of student loan debt so far. This month, it announced new plans that would target the ‘disproportionate debt burden’ faced by Black borrowers, who also would bear the brunt of any large-scale debt regulation reversal.”

Bucks County Beacon: “Project 2025 Wants to End Public Education As We Know It”

“Title I funding, which provides support for low-income districts, should just be handed over as state grants that are ‘no-strings-attached,’ i.e. taxpayer-funded grants with no regulation or oversight. IDEA funding, created to help support students with special needs, should also be converted to unregulated block grants.

“Burke suggests that choice can be expanded nationally by making federal funds ‘portable.’ IDEA and Title I funding could become vouchers. Burke points out that parents of students with special needs sometimes run into trouble getting public schools to provide the free and appropriate education the law requires. What Burke does not explain is how those students would be better served in a system that has no such requirement at all and which, in fact, allows schools ‘to control their admissions’ and thereby reject any students they suspect would be too difficult or expensive to serve.”