Trump’s Refusal to Make CSR Payments Hurts Texans

Last night Donald Trump decided to no longer fund the Affordable Care Act’s cost-sharing reduction payments (CSRs), which will cause millions of Americans to face premiums that skyrocket by as much as 20 percent, create widespread uncertainty and chaos in America’s health care marketplace, and increase the deficit.

Trump and congressional Republicans bear the sole responsibility for the devastation they have inflicted on Texans, 604,735 of whom rely on these CSR payments for quality and affordable health care.

“Republicans have tried time and again to strip away the Affordable Care Act, but Texans and Americans all across the country made their voices heard loud and clear: they want Republicans to keep their hands off their healthcare. Last night Donald Trump turned his back on Texans by ending the cost-sharing reduction subsidies that which helps make quality healthcare affordable for 604,735 Texans,” said DNC Spokesperson Francisco Pelayo. “Make no mistake – Trump and his administration are gambling with the lives of millions of people and ushering in disarray on in our healthcare system. It’s time for Senator Ted Cruz and all Republicans to stand up to Trump’s recklessness and start working with Democrats to expand and protect healthcare around the country.”