Trump’s Republican Party is Already Trying to Punish Women in Ohio

This week the Ohio state legislature doubled down on their attacks on women’s health by approving a ban on abortion after 20 weeks, which could be the nation’s toughest restriction on abortion. When asked why Republicans moved the bill forward, Ohio Senate President Keith Faber said, “A new president, new Supreme Court justice appointees change the dynamic.” In response to the GOP’s anti-women week, the DNC released the following statement:

“Ohio’s restrictive abortion bill is just the latest example of Republicans across the country taking their cues from Donald Trump, who has a shameful record of denigrating women and ignoring issues important to them. Trump has suggested women who get an abortion should be punished, and Ohio Republicans are busy fighting to restrict women’s health before he even takes office. We urge Governor Kasich not to sign this appalling and unconstitutional bill into law. Democrats will continue to stand against Republican politicians getting involved in women’s personal health decisions.” –DNC Spokesperson Rachel Palermo

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