Trump’s The Most Corrupt President In History

As Election Day approaches, Americans have heard Trump’s unhinged rants, baseless conspiracies, and incessant lying at an increasingly alarming rate. Trump’s gone so far off the rails that he still has yet to present any closing argument to convince voters he deserves a second term in office. His presidency can be described best as completely disastrous.

If Trump were forced to tell the truth about his time in office, it would include a string of historic corruption. Trump is the most corrupt president in modern history.

He promised to drain the swamp, but instead he filled it to the brim and put himself at its center. Trump and his family have used shady business practices and profited off Trump’s presidency at the expense of American taxpayers, and they’ve raised endless conflicts of interests. Trump says he’s the “law and order” president, but nearly every part of his life is under investigation and he has abused his power to intervene in many of those investigations against him, turning the attorney general into his own personal lawyer.

This is who Trump is. He puts himself, his ego, and his bottom line above all else. He is a fraudster who has taken advantage of American taxpayers, abused his power, and sold out our country to foreign governments – and then lied about all of it. While Trump looks out for his own interests, he’s done nothing for the American people. Trump said he’d change Washington, and he did – he made it more corrupt than ever before.

Trump promised to drain the swamp – instead he made the swamp worse than ever and put himself at the center of it.

  • Trump reinvented the insider culture of lobbyists and those seeking favors from the government to revolve around his own properties where he still profits.
  • More than 200 companies, special interest groups, and foreign governments patronized Trump properties while reaping benefits from his government.

  • Trump’s presidency has been a boon to the membership rolls at Trump’s properties – and to their business with foreign governments.

Interactions between Trump’s businesses and foreign governments created numerous conflicts of interest and appeared to amount to favors for Trump.

  • Experts say Trump has been violating the Constitution since the moment he was sworn into office because of payments from foreign countries to his properties.

  • At least 23 foreign governments have given Trump money through his businesses.

  • Trump’s businesses received about $175 million from commercial tenants per year, including banks owned by China and India.

  • Foreign governments have continually inserted themselves into Trump’s foreign projects by making investments that favor Trump’s businesses.

Trump and his family profited at the expense of American taxpayers and engaged in sketchy business practices pioneered by Donald Trump.

  • Trump’s kids got where they are through nepotism, but they didn’t just get a love of nepotism from their father – they also profited off his presidency by taking advantage of U.S. taxpayers.

  • Trump promised his company would not sign any new foreign deals while in office, but a slew of recent business moves shows he broke that pledge.

  • Ivanka Trump knowingly allowed her family’s DC hotel to overcharge Trump’s nonprofit inaugural committee, according to a lawsuit, and she potentially received $26 million in consulting fees as a way for Trump to transfer her money while dodging taxes.

During his presidency, nearly every aspect of Trump’s world has been under investigation for violating the law – and he abused his power to block many of the investigations.

  • Trump’s DOJ – led by Trump appointee Bill Barr – intervened in several investigations into Trump’s personal finances and intervened to protect Trump in E. Jean Carroll’s defamation suit against him.

  • Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin refused to turn over Trump’s tax returns to Congress several times.

  • The White House instructed former White House Counsel Don McGahn not to comply with a subpoena or testify before Congress.

  • Trump’s company faced at least four non-congressional investigations into accusations of labor violations, bank fraud, and insurance fraud.

  • Trump faced three suits – two still ongoing – that alleged he accepted unconstitutional emoluments while in office.

  • A lawsuit alleged that Trump, his company, and his children took part in fraudulent scams, and a judge ruled the Trumps must face the suit in court.

  • Both the state and city of New York opened tax inquiries into Trump and his family after a bombshell New York Times report alleged decades of fraud.