Trump’s Tweets Give Terrorists Exactly What They Want

Following the tragic attacks in London this weekend, Donald Trump took to Twitter to spread lies, stoke fear, defend his Muslim ban and rehash an old feud. While the world grieved and Britain fought to come together, Trump tried to tear us apart. Trump’s tweets are not only void of compassion, but they make us and the world less safe.

Associated Press: “President Donald Trump can’t be counted on to give accurate information to Americans when violent acts are unfolding abroad.”

Former British Ambassador to the United States Christopher Mayer: “World leaders call for unity. Trump tweets the complete opposite.”

Washington Blade’s Michael Lavers: “I travel abroad regularly and routinely hear a travel ban will make Americans in #US and abroad less safe. #POTUS comments are not helpful.”

Former George W. Bush Assistant Attorney General, Jack Goldsmith: “1/ Trump’s actions since January, & especially in last month, take us so far beyond normal that it’s hard to have any faith in Exec branch.”

Senator Chris Coons: “Mr. President, your travel ban will only make us less safe. It is discriminatory and unconstitutional.”

Washington Post: Trump “reacted impulsively to Saturday night’s carnage by stoking panic and fear, being indiscreet with details of the event and capitalizing on it to advocate for one of his more polarizing policies and to advance a personal feud.”

NBC News: “It isn't every day when Ariana Grande displays more compassion and inspiration than the president of the United States, but here we are.”

The Atlantic: “Trump is the panic president, bearing a radically opposed message: Fear is not only acceptable, but necessary. Rarely does one see a leader, much less the leader of a liberal democracy, actively embracing, even calling for, panic.”