Trump’s USPS Sabotage Has Already Hurt Americans. The Damage Must Be Reversed.

Trump’s sabotage of the United States Postal Service has hurt small business, veterans, and Americans across the country. Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s supposed pause in USPS changes is insufficient and does not reverse the damage that’s already been done.

Veterans aren’t able to get the medications they need:

Military Times:  “Mail-order prescriptions have become the only option for large groups of veterans around the country since the start of the pandemic because VA medical centers have limited visitors in an effort to slow the spread of the illness.”

Disabled Americans Veterans National Commander Stephen Whitehead: “It is simply unacceptable that America’s veterans, particularly those who were injured or made ill in defense of this country, should face the prospect of not receiving necessary medications in a timely manner considering such delays can be the difference between health and sickness, or even worse.”

Americans are worried they could die without their medications:

Ohio resident: “I could die. The issue with blood clots is, if you do not catch it in time, they will move up through your body, get up to your brain and explode… I’m really worried.”

Wisconsin resident: “Ben Wilson is among Wisconsin residents who could soon face delays receiving medications vital to his health with reduced postal service. Wilson, a 41-year-old Viroqua resident, takes medications for HIV each night, and without them his immune system is compromised, which could lead to serious health concerns. Wilson recently received notice from his pharmacy that the sending of his medicines may be delayed, and that he may have to pick them up in person to receive them in a timely manner. ‘Missing a single dose would be a problem for me,’ Wilson said.”

Georgia resident: “‘We rely on getting our meds in a timely manner,’ Oliver said. But in recent weeks, the prescriptions — always so reliable — have been delayed in transit.”

Oregon resident: “Nathan Geissel, who lives in rural Oregon, has been waiting more than nine days for a life-saving medication to arrive in the mail. As far as he knows, it’s stuck in a fulfillment center. Geissel’s doctor prescribed the medicine two years ago to prevent blood clots. He’s never experienced delays before.”

Daughter of mother with cystic fibrosis: “‘I’m worried’  said Liz Austin by phone. Her mother, Barbara, is sick with cystic fibrosis, a progressive disease that causes lung infections and limits her ability to breathe. ‘Covid-19 is primarily a respiratory disease, so my mother relies on the mail to get her prescriptions as safely as possible.’”

Boston doctor: “Swamy, who also has asthma, said it’s common for patients with chronic respiratory conditions to rely on mail-order medications. ‘You can do rescue therapies for a while, but the strong medications will wear off,’ he said. ‘Once you don’t get the medications you need, you can quickly fall off the wagon and end up hospitalized.’ ‘Any additional strain will have an impact on patients,’ he said. ‘It’s inevitable.’”

Small businesses are still struggling because of mail delays:

Wisconsin small business owner: “For small businesses, like Wausau resident Patty Mishkar’s Etsy shop, this could have a major impact on revenue. ‘The time it takes to be delivered is just all over the place now,’ she told WAOW-TV. Mishkar says she and other Etsy sellers have been experiencing difficulties with customers not getting their orders on time. Even though it’s mostly out of her control, she said it can still have a negative impact on her store. ‘Buyers are getting angry and demanding refunds and reporting the shops.’”

Wisconsin small business owner: “We ship many packages daily, and now we also deal with serious delays and time spent dealing with customer service related to these delays, as well as extra costs to replace items. This is horrible for small businesses already struggling to make ends meet.”

Family farmers and poultry producers who rely on the delivery of chicks through the mail are receiving shipments of dead animals:

Press Herald: “Chicks shipped by mail are arriving dead, costing Maine farmers thousands of dollars”

Americans risk not being able to pay their bills on time:

Wisconsin resident: “Eau Claire resident Anna Schmidt said simply paying her monthly rent would prove difficult without the postal service. ‘My landlord doesn’t accept cash or checks, only money orders.’”