Trump’s USPS Sabotage Hurts Americans Across The Country

Trump’s sabotage of the United States Postal Office is hurting Americans across the country. Seniors and disabled veterans aren’t getting the medications they need, small businesses owners already struggling from Trump’s failed coronavirus response are suffering from delays, and workers aren’t getting their paychecks on time in the middle of the deepest recession on record.

Seniors and disabled veterans aren’t getting the medications they need:

82-year-old Texas resident: “A man in Humble said he had to go without his daily heart medication for a week due to the delays… He said he’s irritated by the situation because his mail-order medication has never been this late before. ‘There have been a few times in which it’s taken a week, week and a half, two weeks, but this is the first time I actually ran out and checking with the post office didn’t do much good, even though I had a tracking number on it.”

Utah veteran’s wife: “My husband is a disabled vet. He gets his care through the Salt Lake City VA and it comes through the U.S. Postal Service…Alarm bells went off in my head because I know things are going on where mail is delayed with the U.S. Postal Service right now…It shouldn’t be a partisan issue, and frankly, it really isn’t. It’s just recently been made into a partisan issue…My husband shouldn’t be a pawn in this game. Nobody should be a pawn in this game.”

Pennsylvania woman: “The delays imposed on the U.S. Postal Service by new regulations are happening now. My sister, who ordered refills of her mail order medicine a month ago, just received them when she was within one pill of running out.  This is serious business — not that slowing down mail-in ballots is not serious business. It is unbelievable that this is allowed to happen in the United States of America. Lessons learned: Order your mail-order medicines early, the earlier the better, and send your ballots when you get them immediately. Maybe we should start mailing Christmas cards now.”

Small businesses already struggling from the coronavirus pandemic are now suffering from mail delays:

Nebraska small business owner: “I’ve worked so hard to get to this point, where I could own my own business and have a career that I love, and it’s flexible for me and my family. And things like coronavirus and the post office being something that may break my business—it’s just heartbreaking to me.”

Kentucky small business manager: “It’s affecting us big time because we’re a mom and pop shop and that’s how we get our payments, through the mail from our clients. So we’re not getting payments…The last few weeks it’s gotten slower and slower to where this week I’ve gotten one check.”

DC small business owner: “As a small-business owner, I rely on the USPS to get me my mail on time, because on some occasions money needed to pay my bills is in it.”

Americans aren’t receiving much-needed checks and payments on time in the middle of the deepest recession on record:

Alabama resident: “Most times, it may be a week to ten days late. It’s inconsistent and then a lot of times, I get people’s mail that’s not mine…It’s really frustrating because sometimes it’s legal documents being mailed. Sometimes it may be payments.”

Maryland resident: “I have to get my check.” “Another person said, ‘I have to get my check,’ ‘ Ruppersberger said.”