Trump’s Washington Swamp Continues To Grow

Donald Trump’s Washington swamp is only getting bigger.  This week, Trump and his advisors continued to exploit his role as President for unprecedented personal financial gains.


Here’s the latest:

Last week, Trump put his oceanfront French St. Martin mansion up for sale for $28 million. Ethics watchdogs and legal experts sounded the alarm of the President of the United States selling a major property for millions of dollars.


NPR“It's Utterly Disingenuous To Think That The President Won't Know Who Purchased The Property”


Eight U.S. senators are seeking an investigation into a violation of insider trading by Carl Ichan, a longtime Trump associate and insider.  


Associated Press“In a letter Tuesday to three separate government agencies, the senators note that then President-elect Trump brought on Carl Icahn in December as an unpaid adviser on regulatory reform, despite Icahn's position as the majority owner of CVR Energy, an oil refining company based in Sugar Land, Texas, involved in the renewable fuel credit market.”


The Trump administration sidestepped ethics requirements when naming an Acting Director of The Office of The Comptroller of Currency.


Bloomberg“Mr. Noreika Is An Unvetted Attorney Who Lacks The Experience To Serve As An Independent Wall Street Watchdog … His Work In The Private Sector Creates An Unprecedented Series Of Conflicts Of Interest.” – Senator Chris Van Hollen (D-MD)


Trump still won’t make his tax returns public, despite growing bipartisan concerns of Trump’s dealings with Russia.  


CNN“South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham Said Tuesday He Wants To Explore Whether There Were Any Ties Between President Donald Trump's Businesses And Russia — Adding That The President's Tax Returns Could Be Helpful To Such An Inquiry.”