Two more terrible things we learned about Trumpcare overnight

In advance of today’s Trumpcare vote we learned two new things about Donald Trump and Republican effort’s to repeal Obamacare.


  1. EMPLOYER PLANS AFFECTED: From WSJ: “Many people who obtain health insurance through their employers—about half of the country—could be at risk of losing protections that limit out-of-pocket costs for catastrophic illnesses.”  


2.    SPECIAL EDUCATION SERVICES CUT: From NYT: The bill would hurt school districts’ ability to provide special education services by allowing states to no longer consider schools eligible Medicaid providers.


These are just two more reasons why TrumpCare would be a disaster for middle-class and working Americans. If Trumpcare passes, millions of Americans will lose health care coverage, many individuals with pre-existing conditions will once again be uninsurable, and countless families will find it harder to get quality, affordable healthcare.